MIPCOM Report: Dr. Xargle Co-production Diary

1. How the partnership began

Late 1993: King Rollo Films acquires an option on Dr. Xargle book series

In late 1993, King Rollo Films made a significant move by acquiring an option on the popular Dr. Xargle book series. This marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership that would eventually lead to the creation of unique and entertaining content for audiences of all ages. The decision to acquire the option on the book series was strategic, as it allowed King Rollo Films to tap into the existing fan base of Dr. Xargle while also showcasing their expertise in adapting beloved literary works for the screen.

The partnership between King Rollo Films and the Dr. Xargle book series was not only a smart business move but also a creative endeavor that would ultimately result in the production of high-quality animated content. By acquiring the option on the book series, King Rollo Films demonstrated their commitment to bringing engaging storytelling to life through animation. This pivotal moment in late 1993 laid the foundation for a successful partnership that would captivate audiences and stand the test of time.

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2. Waiting game

1994-1995: Waiting for ITV’s commitment to fund the series

During the period of 1994 to 1995, the production team found themselves in a state of uncertainty as they awaited ITV’s decision regarding the funding of the series. This waiting game proved to be a challenging time for all involved, as progress on the project was put on hold until a definitive agreement was reached.

Despite the delays and setbacks faced during this time, the team remained hopeful and continued to work diligently behind the scenes to prepare for production once the funding was secured. Meetings were held, budgets were revised, and creative ideas were generated as everyone involved eagerly anticipated the green light from ITV.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, the patience of the team was put to the test. However, their determination and dedication to seeing the series come to fruition never wavered. The waiting game may have been frustrating at times, but it ultimately served as a valuable lesson in perseverance and resilience for all involved.

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3. Pre-production

April 1996: ITV commissions the program, partners move into active pre-production

Preparation Begins

After receiving the green light from ITV in April 1996, the production partners immediately transition into the pre-production phase. This crucial stage is where the foundation for the entire program is laid out. It involves detailed planning, organizing, and preparation to ensure a smooth execution of the project.

Setting the Stage

During pre-production, various key tasks are undertaken to set the stage for the actual filming process. This includes script development, casting decisions, location scouting, securing necessary permits, creating storyboards, and designing production schedules. Each of these elements is carefully crafted to align with the vision and objectives of the program.

Collaboration and Coordination

Effective communication and collaboration among the production team members are essential during the pre-production phase. This is the time when creative ideas are shared, feedback is provided, and decisions are made collectively. It is also crucial for all parties to work in sync and stay aligned with the project timeline and budget.

Finalizing Details

As the pre-production progresses, all the essential details start falling into place. This includes finalizing technical requirements, wardrobe selections, props, set designs, and any special effects or visual enhancements needed for the program. Attention to every aspect of the production is key to ensuring a successful outcome.

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4. Production and final details

Once October 1996 rolled around, the program was officially ready to be sold by Cinar, and production kicked off in full swing. This was a significant milestone in the project timeline as it marked the transition from development to the final stages before release. The team worked diligently to ensure that all aspects of the program were up to par and ready for distribution.

With production underway, attention to detail was crucial. Every element of the program, from the content to the user interface, was carefully reviewed and refined to meet the highest standards. The goal was to deliver a polished product that would meet the expectations of both Cinar and the end users.

During this phase, final touches were put in place to ensure a seamless user experience. Any remaining bugs or issues were addressed, and quality assurance tests were conducted to guarantee a smooth performance. Additionally, packaging and marketing materials were developed to promote the program effectively.

As production progressed, the team remained dedicated to delivering a top-notch product. Collaboration and communication were key as they worked together to bring the program to completion. By the time production concluded, the program was primed and ready for its official release to the public.

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