MIP-TV Special Report: Pocket Dragon Adventures Co-production Diary

1. Partners: Bohbot Entertainment & Media, U.S., D’Ocon Films Productions, Spain

In August 1995, the partnership between Bohbot Entertainment & Media in the U.S. and D’Ocon Films Productions in Spain was born out of a chance encounter at a party. The two companies, though based in different countries, found common ground in their shared passion for creating quality entertainment for audiences around the world.

As conversations unfolded at the party, it became clear that both Bohbot Entertainment & Media and D’Ocon Films Productions had complementary strengths that could be leveraged through a partnership. Bohbot Entertainment & Media brought to the table their expertise in marketing and distribution, while D’Ocon Films Productions offered their talents in animation and storytelling. Together, they saw the potential to collaborate on projects that would not only showcase their individual skills but also push the boundaries of creativity in the entertainment industry.

What started as a casual conversation at a social gathering quickly evolved into a formal partnership agreement. Both parties were eager to combine their resources and talents to create innovative content that would captivate audiences of all ages. The partnership between Bohbot Entertainment & Media and D’Ocon Films Productions marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that would produce a series of successful projects and pave the way for future endeavors in the entertainment world.

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2. Purchase and Initial Planning

After acquiring the property from Miller and Wolfman in October 1995, Bohbot wasted no time in initiating the planning process for the series. With the purchase completed, Bohbot now had the necessary space to bring his vision to life. The property provided a blank canvas on which he could create a world that would captivate audiences.

Once the property was secured, Bohbot meticulously began drafting the initial plans for the series. This stage involved brainstorming ideas, developing concepts, and laying down the foundation for what would become a groundbreaking and beloved show. Bohbot understood the importance of thorough planning and took the time to ensure that every detail was considered.

From setting the tone and themes of the series to outlining key plot points and character arcs, Bohbot put in the effort to craft a comprehensive roadmap for the project. This initial planning phase was crucial in shaping the direction of the series and establishing the framework for future development.

By purchasing the property and embarking on the initial planning process, Bohbot set the stage for what would ultimately become a successful and iconic television series.

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3. Finding a Co-production Partner

After deciding to pursue co-production opportunities, Bohbot began the search for a suitable partner. In February 1996, Bohbot reached out to D’Ocon, a well-known company based in Barcelona. The discussions progressed smoothly, and both parties saw the potential benefits of working together. By April 1996, Bohbot finalized the agreement and officially signed on with D’Ocon.

The partnership with D’Ocon opened up new opportunities for Bohbot, allowing for the creation of innovative and high-quality animated content. With D’Ocon’s expertise and resources, Bohbot was able to expand its reach and deliver captivating shows to a global audience.

This collaboration marked a significant milestone for Bohbot, demonstrating the value of strategic partnerships in the entertainment industry. By teaming up with D’Ocon, Bohbot gained access to new markets and enhanced its production capabilities. This successful union laid the foundation for future co-productions and solidified Bohbot’s position as a key player in the animation sector.

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4. Pre-production and Promo Production

In the months leading up to MIPCOM in August-October 1996, D’Ocon worked closely with Wolfman, Miller, and Musgrave to plan and produce a promotional video. This promo aimed to showcase their latest projects and highlight the unique aspects of their production company.

During the pre-production phase, extensive brainstorming sessions were conducted to generate creative ideas for the promo. The team collaborated on developing a compelling storyline and visual concept that would captivate potential clients and industry professionals at MIPCOM.

As the project progressed, D’Ocon, Wolfman, Miller, and Musgrave worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life. They meticulously planned every aspect of the promo production, from casting to location scouting, to ensure that the final product would meet their high standards.

The production process involved coordinating with a team of skilled professionals, including actors, cameramen, and editors, to execute the creative vision effectively. The team worked together seamlessly to capture captivating footage and create a polished promotional video that would leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Through their dedication and collaboration, D’Ocon, Wolfman, Miller, and Musgrave successfully completed the promo production in time for MIPCOM. The finished video showcased the talent and creativity of the team, positioning them as industry leaders and attracting the attention of key stakeholders at the prestigious event.

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5. Formal Deal and Production Process

After months of negotiations, a formal deal was officially signed between the parties in December 1996-January 1997. The terms and conditions of the agreement were carefully reviewed and finalized, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding on both sides.

With the deal in place, production activities began promptly and efficiently by March-April 1997. The production process was meticulously planned and executed to meet the agreed-upon deadlines and quality standards. Regular communication and coordination between the parties ensured a smooth and successful production phase.

Key milestones were set to monitor the progress of production, allowing for timely adjustments and course corrections when necessary. Quality control measures were implemented to guarantee that the final deliverables met the specifications outlined in the agreement. Continuous monitoring and feedback mechanisms were put in place to address any issues that arose during the production process.

Overall, the formal deal signing marked the beginning of a collaborative and productive production process that laid the foundation for a successful partnership between the parties involved. By adhering to the agreed-upon timeline and quality standards, the production phase was completed smoothly and successfully, leading to the timely delivery of the final product.

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