MIP-TV Co-production Diary: Hilltop Hospital

1. Partners

The collaboration between multiple companies is essential in the complex production process of the project. The main partners involved in this venture are Siriol Animation, Follimage, EVA Entertainment, ZDF, ITV, France 3, and Canal J.

Siriol Animation, a renowned animation studio known for its high-quality productions, brings their expertise and creativity to the table. Follimage, another key partner, specializes in visual effects and post-production, adding a top-notch finishing touch to the project. EVA Entertainment, with their extensive experience in the entertainment industry, provides valuable insights and resources to ensure the success of the project.

ZDF and ITV, both prominent broadcasting networks, contribute their distribution channels and audience reach to maximize the project’s exposure. France 3, a major French television network, and Canal J, a popular children’s television channel, provide additional support and visibility, especially in their respective markets.

By coming together, these partners form a strong and dynamic alliance, each bringing their unique strengths and capabilities to the production. Their collaboration not only ensures the smooth execution of the project but also enhances its overall quality and marketability.

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2. How the partnership began

The partnerships that led to the creation of new children’s television shows at MIP-TV began to evolve in August 1995. These partnerships were formed through collaborations between production companies, television networks, and distributors who saw the potential for creating innovative content for young audiences.

By working together, these partners were able to combine their expertise in storytelling, animation, and production to bring new and exciting children’s shows to life. Through brainstorming sessions, pitch meetings, and creative workshops, ideas were developed and refined to meet the needs and interests of young viewers.

As the partnerships strengthened and trust grew between the collaborators, the shows began to take shape. Each partner brought something unique to the table, whether it was a creative vision, technical skills, or access to distribution channels. Together, they were able to overcome challenges, navigate the complexities of the television industry, and ultimately bring their ideas to fruition.

Through dedication, hard work, and a shared passion for creating quality children’s programming, these partnerships paved the way for the success of the new shows launched at MIP-TV. The evolution of these partnerships continues to this day, as creators and industry professionals come together to bring fresh, entertaining content to young audiences around the world.

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