MIP-TV Co-production Diary: Fireman Sam


Bumper Films, Wales, S4C, Wales, BBC, UK

Mandatory Requirements

When working on our latest project, we are fortunate to collaborate with a strong group of partners. Bumper Films, based in Wales, brings their expertise and creativity to the table, enhancing the overall quality of our work. Their dedication to storytelling is evident in every project they undertake.

Additionally, S4C from Wales is another key partner in this venture. Their contributions help us reach a wider audience and bring diverse perspectives to the project. The collaboration with S4C allows us to create content that resonates with viewers and makes a lasting impact.

Lastly, our partnership with BBC in the UK is crucial to the success of this project. Their reputation for producing high-quality content aligns perfectly with our goals for this venture. By working together, we are able to leverage BBC’s vast resources and reach a global audience with our film.

Overall, the partnerships with Bumper Films, S4C, and BBC play a vital role in the success of our project. Their expertise, creativity, and reach are instrumental in bringing our vision to life and ensuring that our film reaches a wide audience.

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2. How the partnership began

Back in August 1995, the partnership between the two companies took its initial steps. It was a time of excitement and anticipation as both parties saw the potential for growth and success in joining forces. Discussions were held, agreements were made, and plans were put into motion.

Both companies recognized the strengths that each brought to the table and understood the benefits that could be gained from working together. Collaborative efforts were put forth, and a strong foundation was laid for the partnership to thrive.

During this period, trust was established, and communication was key in ensuring that both parties were aligned in their goals and visions. Challenges were faced along the way, but with dedication and perseverance, obstacles were overcome, and milestones were achieved.

Looking back, August 1995 marked the beginning of a journey that would lead to great achievements and successes for the partnership. It was a time of new beginnings and opportunities, setting the stage for a prosperous and fruitful collaboration between the two companies.

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