Min Yoongi and Lyra: A Heartwarming Encounter

1. Meeting Lyra

Min Yoongi is introduced to his new female service dog, Lyra, who has been assigned to help with his shoulder issues. Initially, Lyra is cautious and fearful of Yoongi, keeping her distance as she observes him. However, as Yoongi offers her a treat, her hesitation melts away, and she tentatively approaches him.

With a gentle hand, Yoongi feeds Lyra the treat, earning her trust and affection. Gradually, Lyra begins to relax in Yoongi’s presence, realizing that he means her no harm. She leans into his touch, enjoying the sensation of his fingers running through her fur.

As Yoongi sits with Lyra by his side, he is overwhelmed by a sense of peace and comfort. The warmth of their newfound bond fills the room, enveloping them in a shared moment of connection. Lyra’s fear has been replaced by a deep sense of trust, allowing her to snuggle into Yoongi’s chest as he continues to stroke her belly soothingly.

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2. Encountering Karens

After facing many challenging individuals, Yoongi stumbles upon a young girl who is in tears and accompanied by a service dog. The little girl seems to sense Yoongi’s struggles and kindly gestures for Lyra to give them privacy. With just the two of them now, the girl reaches out to Yoongi with a level of empathy and understanding that he hasn’t experienced in a long time. He is taken aback by her compassion and willingness to listen.

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