Meeting Lyra: A Heartwarming Encounter

1. Introduction

Min Yoongi, member of BTS, is excited to welcome Lyra, a new service dog, to help him with his shoulder issues. Despite his eagerness, he is surprised to find that Lyra is initially frightened of him. As Yoongi patiently approaches her, he notices the fear in her eyes and realizes that it will take time for Lyra to warm up to him.

Yoongi kneels down, trying to appear non-threatening as he extends his hand towards Lyra. She hesitantly sniffs his palm before retreating slightly. Understanding her hesitation, Yoongi speaks to her in a calm, soothing voice, reassuring her that he means no harm.

Lyra slowly begins to relax in Yoongi’s presence as he continues to show her kindness and patience. He spends time getting to know her, learning about her likes and dislikes, and working to build a bond of trust between them.

With each passing day, Yoongi and Lyra’s relationship grows stronger. Lyra’s initial fear begins to fade away as she becomes more comfortable around Yoongi. Together, they embark on a journey of healing and companionship, forming a special bond that transcends language barriers.

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Bonding with Lyra

As Yoongi approaches Lyra, he notices her trembling and whimpering. Wanting to ease her fear, he offers a treat, causing her to immediately change her demeanor. She snuggles into Yoongi’s chest, seeking comfort and warmth. The act surprises Yoongi, prompting him to chuckle at the sudden change in Lyra’s behavior. He then gently rubs her belly, feeling a sense of connection forming between them.

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3. Encounter with a Little Girl

After dealing with difficult people, Yoongi comes across a little girl who is visibly upset, accompanied by a service dog. Despite her evident distress, the girl approaches Yoongi, leaving Lyra alone for a moment to talk to him. Yoongi is taken aback by the girl’s courage and kindness, especially after his recent encounters with difficult individuals. He listens attentively as the girl opens up about the reason for her tears, showing empathy and understanding.

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