Mario’s MAR10 Day Madness

1. Mario Invites Luigi

Mario decided to pay a visit to Luigi at his Flower Shop to extend a special invitation. He wanted to invite Luigi to a party celebrating MAR10 Day, a special event in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, Luigi regretfully declined Mario’s invitation due to his busy schedule at the shop.

Despite Mario’s excitement about the upcoming party, Luigi explained that he needed to attend to his responsibilities at the Flower Shop. As a diligent business owner, Luigi’s priority was to ensure that the shop ran smoothly and catered to the needs of its customers.

Although he appreciated Mario’s invitation, Luigi knew that he had to fulfill his commitments and manage the flower arrangements for the upcoming events. Mario understood Luigi’s dedication to his work and respected his decision to focus on the shop during this busy time.

Even though Luigi couldn’t attend the MAR10 Day party with Mario, he made sure to congratulate his brother and wish him a fun and enjoyable celebration. Mario appreciated Luigi’s support and understanding, knowing that family always came first for the two brothers.

As they bid farewell, Mario expressed his gratitude for Luigi’s dedication and promised to catch up with him after the party. Luigi smiled warmly, grateful for his brother’s understanding, and returned to his duties at the Flower Shop, ready to create beautiful flower arrangements for the upcoming events.

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2. Mario Tries to Invite SMG4

After failing to reach SMG4 through various means, Mario decides to personally visit Peach’s Castle in hopes of inviting him to join the festivities. Upon his arrival, Mario is met with a sight that he never expected. SMG4, who is usually full of energy and enthusiasm, now appears to be a shadow of his former self. The YouTuber can be seen hunched over his computer, eyes bloodshot from endless hours of editing and filming.

As Mario cautiously approaches SMG4, he can sense that something is not right. The YouTuber, consumed by his quest for perfection, has neglected his own well-being and mental health. When Mario tries to engage him in conversation, SMG4’s responses are short and erratic, filled with frustration and discontent.

Suddenly, in a fit of rage, SMG4 grabs a nearby chair and throws it across the room, narrowly missing Mario. Shocked and taken aback by this outburst, Mario realizes that his friend is in a state of mental decline. With a heavy heart, Mario understands that now is not the right time to ask for SMG4’s participation in the upcoming event.

Feeling helpless and concerned for his friend, Mario quietly exits the room, leaving SMG4 to wrestle with his inner demons. As he walks away, Mario can’t help but wonder how he can help SMG4 overcome this challenging period and return to his usual self.

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