Mario’s MAR10 Day Dilemma

1. Mario invites Luigi to the MAR10 Day party

Mario pays a visit to Luigi at his Flower Shop with a big smile on his face. He excitedly invites Luigi to a party celebrating MAR10 Day, a special event dedicated to their iconic video game character, Mario. Mario shares details about the fun activities planned for the party, from playing classic games to enjoying themed snacks.

However, Luigi’s expression changes as he looks around the Flower Shop filled with blooming flowers. He hesitantly declines Mario’s invitation, explaining that he has shop responsibilities that day. Luigi expresses his regret at not being able to attend the party and apologizes to Mario.

Despite Luigi’s polite refusal, Mario understands his brother’s dedication to the Flower Shop. Mario reassures Luigi that he completely understands the situation and appreciates his hard work. Mario extends his invitation for future events, promising more celebrations to come.

As Mario leaves the Flower Shop, he waves goodbye to Luigi, expressing his understanding and support for his brother’s commitment to the shop. Although disappointed, Mario remains grateful for Luigi’s hard work and dedication, knowing that family always comes first for both of them.

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2. Mario tries to invite SMG4 at Peach’s Castle

As Mario arrives at Peach’s Castle, he eagerly looks around for his friend SMG4. Finally spotting him, he excitedly waves and tries to get his attention. However, SMG4 seems to be in a daze, with tired eyes and a weary expression.

Despite Mario’s attempts to engage him in conversation and invite him to join in on their usual adventures, SMG4 simply nods absentmindedly, barely registering what is being said to him. It is clear that he is mentally exhausted from working tirelessly on his latest video, and his usual energy and enthusiasm seem to have taken a temporary leave.

Seeing his friend in this state, Mario becomes concerned. He tries to offer SMG4 some rest or a break from his work, but SMG4 insists that he needs to finish his video as soon as possible. Mario can’t help but worry about the toll this intense work schedule is taking on his friend’s well-being.

Despite the initial setback in their communication, Mario remains determined to support SMG4 and help him through this tough time. As they part ways for the day, Mario resolves to check in on his friend regularly and offer any assistance he can provide.

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3. SMG4’s outburst drives Mario away

SMG4’s frustration reaches its breaking point, culminating in a sudden and violent outburst. In a fit of anger, he grabs a nearby chair and hurls it across the room, narrowly missing Mario. The loud crash of the chair hitting the wall echoes through the room, filling the air with tension.

Mario, taken aback by SMG4’s sudden outburst, looks at him with a mixture of shock and hurt in his eyes. Without saying a word, he slowly gets up from his seat and quietly exits the room, leaving SMG4 alone with his thoughts.

As the door closes behind Mario, SMG4 is left standing in the now silent room, the gravity of his actions sinking in. He realizes the impact of his outburst and the consequences of his uncontrolled anger. Regret washes over him, but it is too late to undo what has been done.

Alone in the room, SMG4 is left to reflect on his behavior and its effect on his relationship with Mario. The tension between them lingers in the air, leaving a palpable sense of unease. SMG4’s outburst has driven a wedge between them, creating a rift that may be difficult to mend.

With Mario gone, SMG4 is left to ponder the consequences of his actions and consider how he can make amends. The room is now filled with a heavy silence, broken only by the sound of SMG4’s deep sighs as he wrestles with his emotions and the fallout of his outburst.

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