Lord Shiva’s Dilemma

1. The Argument

As Lord Shiva looks on in silence, a peculiar scene unfolds before him. A group of 100 identical blue-eyed Naagin females, all draped in the same saree, engage in a heated argument that echoes through the surroundings. The intensity of their discussion is palpable, their voices rising in volume as they debate fervently around Mata Parvati.

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2. The Claim

Each Naagin asserts her right to the title of Naagrani, often bragging about her distinctive blue eyes which are believed to be a necessary characteristic for the position. The blue eyes are said to signify a deep connection to the ancient powers and wisdom of the serpents, making them essential for holding the prestigious role of Naagrani. Furthermore, the claim of having blue eyes is often used as a way to distinguish oneself from other Naagins vying for the same position.

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3. The Decision

After reaching his breaking point with the confusion surrounding the Naagrani contenders, Lord Shiva decides to take matters into his own hands. In order to determine who is truly deserving of the title, he comes up with a clever test that will reveal the most worthy candidate among the identical competitors.

With tensions running high and the contenders eager to prove themselves, Lord Shiva presents his test to the group. The challenge is set, and each contender must navigate through a series of obstacles and trials that will test their strength, intelligence, and ultimately, their worthiness to be crowned the Naagrani.

As the test unfolds, spectators watch in anticipation as the contenders face each challenge head-on, pushing themselves to the limit in order to prove their capabilities. The competition is fierce, and each contender gives their all in hopes of emerging victorious and earning the coveted title of Naagrani.

Throughout the test, alliances are formed, betrayals are revealed, and true colors are shown as the contenders navigate the obstacles set forth by Lord Shiva. In the end, only one contender will emerge as the true Naagrani, leaving the others to accept their fate and acknowledge the decision that has been made.

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