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1. Introduction

The main character possesses unique physical features that set them apart from others. With a background as a talented academic prodigy, they have excelled in various fields of study, showcasing exceptional intelligence and capabilities.

From a young age, the main character demonstrated a natural aptitude for learning, quickly grasping complex concepts and outperforming their peers in academic pursuits. Their remarkable memory and analytical skills have earned them accolades and recognition in academic circles.

Despite their intellectual prowess, the main character also faces challenges and struggles that make them relatable and human. Their journey as a prodigy is marked by both triumphs and tribulations, shaping their character and influencing their decisions.

As the story unfolds, readers will witness the main character’s growth and development, exploring the depths of their personality beyond their genius intellect. The complexities of their background and the intricacies of their physical features add layers to their identity, making them a multifaceted and compelling protagonist.

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2. Appearance and Personality

The character has a distinctive scar over one eye, giving him a rugged appearance. He is often seen wearing gloves and adorned with gold jewelry, showcasing his taste for luxury. Despite his tough exterior, he is well-mannered and carries himself with grace. His calm demeanor allows him to navigate difficult situations with ease, earning the respect of those around him.

Additionally, the character is sensitive to loud noises, which reflects his attentive nature and ability to pick up on subtle details in his surroundings. This sensitivity adds depth to his personality, showing that he is not only strong and confident but also in touch with his emotions.

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3. Age and Habits

The character’s true age is revealed to be 17, although he claims to be 22 years old. Despite being underage, he has a notable love for wine, often indulging in the forbidden drink. Additionally, it is mentioned that he is half-blind, yet surprisingly, he has exceptional vision. This contradiction adds an intriguing layer to his character, showcasing his ability to defy expectations.

Furthermore, the character’s exceptional hearing ability is highlighted in this section. Despite his young age and physical limitations, he possesses a keen sense of hearing that allows him to pick up on subtle sounds and nuances in his surroundings. This unique trait sets him apart from others, hinting at a hidden depth to his personality.

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4. Speech and Behavior

When analyzing the character’s speech and behavior, it becomes evident that his background plays a significant role. Due to past experiences, he tends to stutter and fidget when feeling nervous or overwhelmed. This habit reflects his vulnerability and the impact of his upbringing on his communication skills.

Additionally, the character is known for his respectful and humble nature. He approaches others with kindness and consideration, always mindful of their feelings and needs. This courteous demeanor is a key aspect of his personality, guiding his interactions with those around him.

On the contrary, the character shows disdain for individuals who lack manners. He cannot tolerate rudeness or disrespect, and this triggers a strong reaction from him. His intolerance for impolite behavior showcases his values and expectations when it comes to social etiquette.

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