Lima Tahun Kemudian

1. The Arrival

Five years after the last incident, a simple sailboat arrives at the underground prison island, carrying a mysterious figure.

The island was shrouded in secrecy, hidden from the outside world by treacherous currents and unforgiving cliffs. As the sailboat approached the docks, the inhabitants of the island watched with bated breath, curious about the newcomer’s identity and purpose.

The figure that stepped off the boat was cloaked in shadows, their features obscured by the dim light of dusk. Whispers spread among the prisoners and guards alike, speculating about the stranger’s origins and intentions.

Some believed the arrival signaled a change in the winds, a shift in the carefully maintained balance of power on the island. Others feared the arrival brought with it a darkness that threatened to consume them all.

As the mysterious figure made their way through the winding streets of the island, they seemed to know exactly where they were going, their steps steady and purposeful. All eyes followed them, a mix of fear and curiosity in the air.

What mysteries did this newcomer bring to the island? Only time would tell as the intricate web of secrets and lies began to unravel with the arrival of the enigmatic stranger.

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2. Greetings

Sipir-sipir penjara memberikan penghormatan kepada Tuan Reyn yang muncul dari dalam kapal dengan jubah hitamnya.

As Tuan Reyn emerged from the ship in his black cloak, the prison guards pay their respects by bowing low before him. His imposing figure commands attention, and his presence demands reverence from all in his vicinity.

The guards’ gestures of respect are not just a formality but a show of deference to his authority and power. Tuan Reyn’s arrival signifies an important event or decision about to take place, and the guards understand the gravity of the situation.

Each guard knows their place and their role in the grand scheme of things. As they welcome Tuan Reyn with their greeting, they are mindful of the responsibilities that come with serving under him. It is a moment of anticipation and tension, as everyone waits to see what will unfold next in this encounter.

Despite the formality of the greeting, there is an underlying tension in the air. The guards are wary of Tuan Reyn’s unpredictable nature, and they know that his actions can have far-reaching consequences. They tread carefully, making sure to follow protocol and show the proper deference to ensure a smooth and respectful interaction.

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