La fondation de Rome par Remus et Romulus

1. Birth and Abandonment

According to Roman mythology, the twin brothers Remus and Romulus were born to the god Mars and the princess Rhea Silvia. Their birth was surrounded by controversy and tragedy as they were descendants of the god of war and a royal princess. Despite their noble lineage, the twins’ fate took a dark turn when they were abandoned as infants and left to die.

After their birth, Rhea Silvia’s uncle, Amulius, feared that the twins would grow up to overthrow him. To prevent this threat, he ordered the twins to be thrown into the Tiber River. However, fate intervened, and the infants were instead placed in a basket and set adrift on the river’s waters.

By a stroke of luck, the basket carrying Remus and Romulus washed ashore near the Palatine Hill, where they were discovered by a she-wolf who nursed and cared for them as her own. The she-wolf’s maternal instinct and protection allowed the twins to survive in the wilderness until they were found and raised by a shepherd and his wife.

The abandonment of Remus and Romulus marked the beginning of their extraordinary journey, laying the foundation for the founding of Rome and the legacy of one of the greatest civilizations in history.

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2. Raised by Wolves

After being left abandoned in the forest, the twins were fortunate enough to be taken in by a kind and protective she-wolf. This brave and compassionate creature became their surrogate mother, providing them with nourishment, warmth, and safety in the wild. The twins, in turn, formed a strong bond with the wolf, learning from her how to survive in the harsh environment.

Under the watchful eye of the she-wolf, the twins thrived and grew stronger every day. They developed a deep understanding of the natural world around them, honing their instincts and learning valuable skills that would serve them well in the future. The she-wolf’s guidance and care were instrumental in shaping the twins into resilient and resourceful individuals.

However, their peaceful existence in the wilderness was soon disrupted when a passing shepherd stumbled upon the twins and their fierce guardian. Astonished by what he saw, the shepherd knew he had to intervene and rescue the children from their wild upbringing. With great courage and determination, he managed to separate the twins from the she-wolf, bringing them into human society for the first time.

Although they were now in the care of the shepherd, the twins would never forget the she-wolf who had raised them as her own. Her lessons and love would stay with them forever, shaping their identities and guiding them on their journey towards adulthood.

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3. Founding of Rome

Legend has it that Remus and Romulus, twin brothers, were abandoned as infants but were saved and raised by a she-wolf. As they grew older, they decided to establish the city of Rome. However, a conflict soon arose between the brothers over who should rule this new city.

The disagreement escalated, leading to a tragic end. In a fit of rage and jealousy, Romulus killed his brother Remus, solidifying his own power as the sole ruler of Rome. Despite this violent beginning, Rome went on to become one of the greatest civilizations in history, known for its military prowess, engineering achievements, and influential culture.

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