Kim Seok-jin family is above poor but they are far from rich

1. Jin’s Struggle

Jin faces a difficult time as he grapples with his family’s financial troubles. The burden of not being able to afford basic necessities weighs heavily on his shoulders. Every day seems like a constant struggle to make ends meet, and Jin often wonders how long they can continue living like this.

However, the biggest blow to Jin’s mental and emotional state comes when he learns the shocking truth from his parents. They confess that he was never a wanted child, that he was an unexpected and unplanned addition to their family. This revelation devastates Jin, as he grapples with the feelings of rejection and abandonment.

Jin’s self-worth takes a major hit as he questions his place in the family and wonders if he truly belongs. The emotional turmoil that Jin experiences is overwhelming, and he finds himself constantly battling feelings of inadequacy and abandonment.

Despite these challenges, Jin tries to stay strong and navigate through this difficult period in his life. He seeks solace in his friends and tries to find ways to cope with the harsh realities he now faces. Jin’s struggle is not just about financial hardship but also about coming to terms with the emotional wounds inflicted by his own family.

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2. Abandoned

After Jin’s parents depart, he finds himself alone in their home. The empty house begins to feel larger and more daunting with each passing hour. Jin struggles with the silence, the absence of his family’s presence almost suffocating him. His parents’ departure leaves a void in his heart that he cannot seem to fill.

As days go by, Jin starts to notice strange activities around the neighborhood. A gang has taken an interest in his home, viewing it as the perfect spot for their illegal activities. The once peaceful surroundings now feel dangerous and unpredictable. Jin realizes that he is not safe in the house that was once his sanctuary.

The gang’s presence grows stronger each day, making Jin feel like a prisoner in his own home. He is torn between staying to protect what little he has left or fleeing to safety. But with nowhere else to go, Jin feels trapped and abandoned, unable to defend himself against the looming threat.

Alone and vulnerable, Jin must come up with a plan to reclaim his home and his peace of mind. As the gang tightens its grip on the neighborhood, Jin’s determination grows stronger. He knows that he must find a way to confront the danger head-on, or risk losing everything he holds dear.

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3. Kind Stranger

As Jin struggled to walk through the bustling streets of the city, his stomach growled loudly, reminding him that he hadn’t eaten in days. He felt weak and dizzy, unsure of how much longer he could go on. Just when he thought he couldn’t take another step, a kind stranger approached him. The stranger noticed Jin’s weakened state and offered him food from his bakery.

Jin’s eyes widened with surprise and gratitude as he accepted the offering. The warm aroma of freshly baked bread filled his senses, making his stomach grumble even more. The kind stranger led Jin to a nearby bench and sat down next to him, sharing stories of his own struggles and triumphs.

Jin devoured the food, savoring each bite as if it were the most delicious meal he had ever tasted. The kindness of the stranger touched his heart, giving him renewed hope and strength to face the challenges ahead. Before parting ways, the stranger gave Jin a loaf of bread to take with him, a symbol of their brief but meaningful encounter.

With a full belly and a grateful heart, Jin continued on his journey, knowing that there are still good people in the world willing to help those in need. The memory of the kind stranger would stay with him forever, a beacon of light in his darkest moments.

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