Kidnapped by Ariana Grande

1. The Abduction

Ariana Grande decides to take matters into her own hands. One day, as she sees the perfect boy walking down the street, she decides to kidnap him. She lures him into her car with promises of autographed merchandise and backstage passes to her next concert. Once inside her secluded hideout, she uses items themed around her songs to tie and gag him.

She begins by using a “Dangerous Woman” bandana to blindfold him, making sure he can’t see where he is. She then secures his hands with pink handcuffs, representing her hit song “7 Rings.” Next, she stuffs his mouth with a “Sweetener” lollipop to muffle any potential cries for help. To top it off, she plays her song “Break Free” on repeat to disorient him and make him feel trapped.

As the boy struggles against his restraints, Ariana calmly watches, relishing in the power she now has over him. She giggles to herself, amused by the irony of the situation. After all, she is used to being adored by fans, not the other way around. With a mischievous smile, she leans in and whispers, “Looks like you’re stuck in my world now, baby.”

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2. The Transformation

Ariana decides to completely transform the boy to make him look like her idol. She pulls out an array of clothes, makeup, and accessories, determined to turn him into a replica of the pop queen.

She starts by selecting the perfect outfit – a pastel pink two-piece set that screams Ariana Grande. The boy watches in amazement as Ariana meticulously picks out each item, making sure it matches the singer’s signature style.

Next, Ariana delves into her extensive makeup collection, carefully applying each product to achieve the iconic look. Winged eyeliner, fluttery lashes, and a bold nude lip – everything must be just right to emulate Ariana’s flawless beauty.

As the transformation nears completion, Ariana adds the finishing touches with accessories. A high ponytail, oversized sunglasses, and a sparkly choker complete the ensemble, making the boy look more and more like the pop star with each addition.

Finally, Ariana steps back to admire her work. The boy stands before her, a mirror image of Ariana Grande. She can’t help but smile at the transformation, proud of her handiwork and the boy’s willingness to go along with her crazy idea.

With the makeover complete, the boy takes a moment to adjust to his new look. Despite feeling slightly out of his comfort zone, he can’t deny the exhilaration of embodying his idol, if only for a little while.

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3. The Mind Control

After discovering her unique abilities, Ariana decides to use her goddess voice to control the boy. With a simple command, she manipulates his thoughts and actions, making him mimic her every move and word.

As her power over him grows, the boy becomes increasingly entranced by Ariana’s influence. He begins to lose his sense of self, completely succumbing to her control. Every gesture, every syllable, reflects Ariana’s desires and whims.

Unable to resist the compelling force of her goddess voice, the boy finds himself drawn deeper into Ariana’s world. His own identity fades into the background, overshadowed by her commanding presence.

Ariana’s mind control over the boy is absolute, molding him into a mere extension of herself. He is no longer an individual but a puppet, dancing to the tune of her manipulation. His autonomy is surrendered to Ariana’s will, trapped in a cycle of obedience and imitation.

Through her goddess power, Ariana wields an unparalleled influence over the boy, shaping his every thought and action to mirror her own. The mind control she exerts is a testament to her strength and dominance, solidifying her place as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

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4. The Teasing

Ariana’s teasing of the boy was a strategic move to assert her dominance and control over him. She would often taunt him by demanding that he style his hair in the same way as her iconic high ponytail. This seemingly innocent request masked a deeper power play, as it served as a constant reminder to the boy of Ariana’s authority over him.

By making the boy mimic her hairstyle, Ariana effectively kept him under her thumb, ensuring that he remained compliant and subservient to her desires. The teasing was not just a playful jest, but a calculated tactic to maintain the balance of power in their relationship.

Each time the boy reluctantly styled his hair in the high ponytail, he was subtly acknowledging Ariana’s superior position. The act of mimicry reinforced the dynamic between them, with Ariana firmly in control and the boy dutifully following her lead.

As the teasing continued, the boy found himself increasingly entrapped in Ariana’s web of influence. His willingness to comply with her demands only served to further cement Ariana’s authority over him, leaving him powerless to resist her teasing and manipulation.

In the end, the teasing served as a constant reminder to the boy of his subordinate position in relation to Ariana, ensuring that he remained firmly under her control.

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5. The Ultimate Transformation

After countless hours of meticulous planning, Ariana finally brought her vision to life. She dressed the boy in her signature items, carefully placing angel wings on his back and a sparkling crown on his head. With each item in place, he transformed into her perfect doppelganger, embodying the essence of her own ethereal presence.

As he looked in the mirror, the boy couldn’t help but feel a surge of confidence and power. The angel wings symbolized freedom and grace, while the crown represented authority and majesty. Together, they merged to create a persona that was unmistakably Ariana’s.

With his transformation complete, the boy stood tall and proud, ready to fulfill his new role. He knew that wearing these sacred items connected him to Ariana on a deeper level, allowing him to channel her energy and spirit. It was a truly transformative experience, one that would forever change the course of his life.

As the final touches were made, Ariana smiled with satisfaction. The boy was now more than just her protege; he was her mirror image, a reflection of her own essence. Together, they were a force to be reckoned with, ready to take on the world and conquer whatever challenges came their way.

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