Juwan Firdaus Success Story: The African Woman

1. Introduction

Struggling to make ends meet with limited income, I turned to odd jobs in order to supplement my earnings. One of the ways I sought to earn extra money was by performing tasks such as digging and weeding in people’s gardens for a modest fee. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of doing laundry for various households in the neighborhood, receiving a day’s wage that typically amounted to around USD 1.2 each time I was hired by a client. These opportunities provided me with a means of generating additional income to support myself and make a valuable contribution to my financial well-being.

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2. Challenges Faced

Facing the challenges of seasonal jobs was a difficult experience. The lack of stability and consistent income made it hard to meet my personal and child’s needs. With the work being temporary, it was a constant struggle to find a balance between providing for my family and ensuring our basic needs were met.

Not being able to plan for the future or save for unexpected expenses added an additional layer of stress to an already challenging situation. The uncertainty of when the next job would come, and how long it would last, often kept me up at night worrying about our financial security.

Despite my best efforts to work hard and make ends meet, the nature of these seasonal jobs ultimately proved unsustainable for our family. The inability to compare and prioritize our needs alongside the inconsistency of work made it clear that a more stable and reliable source of income was necessary to secure a better future for us.

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