1. Overcoming Poverty

Despite facing poverty, Juwan was determined to overcome his financial struggles. In order to increase his meager income, he took on various odd jobs such as digging and weeding in people’s gardens for a modest wage. Although the work was difficult and physically demanding, Juwan persevered in order to make ends meet.

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2. Seeking Additional Income

Aside from selling snacks at school, Juwan also took on the task of doing laundry for different households in the area to earn some extra income. Whenever a client called him, he would spend the day washing, drying, and folding clothes, earning an average of USD 1.2 each time. This additional source of income allowed Juwan to save up for future goals and contribute to his family’s finances.

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3. Facing Challenges

When Juwan took on these seasonal jobs, he encountered a significant challenge. Despite the work being available during certain times of the year, it was not sustainable in the long run. The fluctuating nature of the job market meant that Juwan could not rely on a steady income to meet his personal and child needs, which were constant and unchanging.

This inconsistency in work opportunities posed a considerable obstacle for Juwan. As a provider for his family, he needed stable employment that would guarantee a reliable source of income throughout the year. However, the seasonal nature of the jobs he was taking on made it difficult for him to plan for the future and ensure that his family’s needs would be met consistently.

Facing this challenge forced Juwan to reevaluate his approach to employment and explore alternative options that would offer greater stability. He realized that in order to secure a more sustainable future for himself and his family, he needed to find work that provided year-round opportunities and a dependable income. This moment of realization marked a turning point for Juwan, inspiring him to seek out new solutions and overcome the obstacles standing in his way.

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