Johnny’s Revenge

1. The Birth of Johnny

Johnny came into existence in a universe on the brink of collapse. It was a world filled with chaos and destruction, where life itself was a rare and fragile thing. But Johnny was different. He was born with a power unlike any other – the ability to create and destroy organisms at will.

From the moment he took his first breath, Johnny’s presence sent ripples through the fabric of reality. The very atoms around him seemed to bend to his will, shaping themselves into new forms at his command. With a mere thought, he could bring entire species into being, each one more wondrous and strange than the last.

But Johnny’s power was not without consequences. Every time he brought something new into existence, something else had to be destroyed to make room. It was a delicate balancing act, one that Johnny struggled with every day as he tried to navigate the complexities of his abilities.

Despite the challenges he faced, Johnny embraced his role as a creator and destroyer. He knew that his powers held the key to shaping the future of the universe, and he was determined to use them wisely. And so, surrounded by the ruins of a dying world, Johnny set out to create something new – something that would bring hope and renewal to the darkness that surrounded him.

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2. Trapped in the Void

After falling into the cleverly laid trap of the outer gods, Johnny finds himself trapped in a timeless void, where minutes feel like centuries and there is no escape in sight. The darkness envelops him, and the weight of eternity bears down on his shoulders.

Despair and Isolation

Alone in the void, Johnny is plagued by despair and isolation. The constant nothingness surrounding him threatens to consume his very essence, leaving him with a sense of hopelessness that grows with each passing moment.

The Mockery of Time

Time itself seems to mock Johnny as he remains trapped in the void. It stretches and distorts, playing tricks on his mind and distorting his sense of reality. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, all while Johnny remains stuck in the same unchanging spot.

A Battle for Sanity

As the endless eternity of the void wears on, Johnny is forced to confront his own inner demons. The isolation and darkness begin to take their toll on his sanity, pushing him to the brink of madness. Will he be able to hold on to his sense of self, or will the void ultimately claim his mind?

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3. Training and Planning

After 15 trillion years of training, Johnny plans his revenge against the outer gods by building an army.


Johnny spent an immense amount of time, 15 trillion years to be exact, honing his skills and abilities for his ultimate goal of seeking revenge against the outer gods. Through rigorous practice and dedication, he became stronger and more formidable each passing day.


With his training complete, Johnny began formulating a detailed plan to execute his revenge. He strategized on how to gather allies and resources, ultimately deciding to build an army to confront the outer gods. His meticulous planning involved considering every possible scenario and ensuring that his army was well-equipped and prepared for the impending battle.

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4. Recruiting Allies

Johnny embarks on a daring mission to recruit the mightiest beings from various dimensions to bolster his army in the upcoming battle against the dreaded outer gods. Armed with courage and determination, he traverses through treacherous terrains and challenges to seek out these potential allies.

Each being Johnny approaches possesses a unique set of skills and powers that make them invaluable assets in the looming confrontation. From elemental beings wielding the forces of nature to shapeshifters with unparalleled adaptability, Johnny spares no effort in persuading them to join his cause.

As Johnny encounters these beings, he must prove his worth and demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the cause. Through diplomacy, strategic alliances, and a few thrilling battles, he gradually convinces these powerful entities to stand alongside him against the impending threat of the outer gods.

Despite facing skepticism and initial reluctance from some beings, Johnny’s unwavering determination and charisma ultimately win them over. The ranks of his army swell with each new recruit, each bringing their own strengths and abilities to the burgeoning coalition.

With each ally he secures, Johnny gets one step closer to assembling a formidable force capable of standing up against the formidable power of the outer gods. The fate of the multiverse hangs in the balance as Johnny’s army takes shape, ready to face the ultimate challenge ahead.

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