Inheritance of Weakness

1. Favoritism Among Royalty

During ancient times in Japan, a baby boy was born into a royal family, but he was the weakest among his siblings. This unfortunate circumstance led to him being treated poorly compared to his stronger and healthier brothers and sisters. The parents, who were also members of the nobility, struggled to accept the reality of their son’s weakness. In a society where strength and power were highly valued, the boy faced discrimination and neglect from a young age.

As the boy grew older, the favoritism among the royalty became more apparent. His siblings received the best education, training, and resources while he was overlooked and dismissed. Despite his best efforts to prove himself, the boy was constantly reminded of his inferiority in the eyes of his family and the royal court. The unfair treatment he endured fueled a sense of bitterness and resentment within him.

Although the boy faced numerous challenges and obstacles due to the favoritism among the royalty, he refused to be defined by his weaknesses. Instead, he found solace in his determination to prove his worth and overcome the odds stacked against him. The story of the boy from the royal family serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of favoritism and the resilience of the human spirit.

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2. Struggles of Adulthood

As the weak prince transitions into adulthood, he is faced with numerous challenges, particularly in the financial realm. Struggling to make ends meet, he is desperate to find someone who can assist his wife, who is also going through tough times.

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