Во дворце чародей

1. The Sorcerer’s Spell

The sorcerer captivates the attention of the princess with his magical abilities. As the princess watches in awe, the sorcerer performs a mysterious and captivating ritual. With a flick of his wrist and a whispered incantation, he transforms the ordinary servant standing before them into a mesmerizing snake-like woman.

The princess is both fascinated and slightly frightened by the spectacle before her. She cannot believe her eyes as the servant is now completely unrecognizable, slithering and hissing like a serpent. The sorcerer’s spellbinding magic has truly taken hold, leaving the princess in a state of wonder.

The sorcerer, with a sly grin, watches the princess’s reactions closely. He enjoys the power he holds over her through his enchantments. The princess, despite her initial fear, cannot look away from the transformed servant. The sorcerer’s spell has successfully captured her attention and bewitched her with its otherworldly charm.

This enchanted moment serves as a glimpse into the sorcerer’s abilities and the mystical world he inhabits. The princess is left pondering the extent of his powers and what other mysterious wonders he may be capable of. The sorcerer’s spell has not only transformed the servant but has also left a lasting impression on the princess, sparking her curiosity and desire for more magical encounters.

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2. The Princess’s Request

Upon witnessing the incredible transformation of the old man into a majestic falcon, the princess’s eyes sparkled with awe and admiration. She could hardly contain her excitement as she turned to the sorcerer and made a bold request.

“Could you, dear sorcerer, work your magic once more and turn another being into a beautiful bird?” she asked, her voice filled with curiosity and wonder.

The sorcerer, pleased by the princess’s eagerness, nodded with a smile and began to chant ancient incantations. A shimmering light enveloped a young maiden who happened to be passing by the palace gates, and she too underwent a wondrous transformation.

Before the princess’s astonished eyes, the maiden transformed into a graceful swan, her white wings spreading out in all their glory. The princess gasped in delight, her heart filled with joy at the sight of such enchanting beauty.

The sorcerer’s magic had indeed worked its charm once again, creating a scene of magic and wonder before the princess’s very eyes. The new enchantment had captivated her heart, and she knew then that there was still much more to discover in the realm of magic and sorcery.

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