I Want You Bigger

1. Inebriated Confession

Jonathon expresses his desire for Jillian to grow larger while under the influence of alcohol.

In this section, we witness Jonathon’s inhibitions fading away as he consumes alcohol, enabling him to speak freely and honestly with Jillian. The alcohol loosens his tongue, allowing him to confess a secret desire that he may have otherwise kept hidden. Jonathon’s words are slurred, but his message is clear – he wants Jillian to become larger in some way.

It’s evident that Jonathon’s thoughts have been brewing beneath the surface, waiting for the right moment to come to light. Perhaps it was the alcohol that provided the courage he needed to share this with Jillian. His confession could be seen as a vulnerable moment, as he exposes a part of himself that he may have been reluctant to reveal under normal circumstances.

Jillian’s reaction to Jonathon’s inebriated confession could be one of shock, confusion, or even amusement. How she responds to his words will undoubtedly have an impact on their relationship moving forward. The scene is set for a potential shift in dynamics between the two characters, as they navigate the implications of Jonathon’s unexpected revelation.

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2. Growing Concern

As Jonathon continued to make his unusual request, Jillian’s body began to experience a puzzling transformation. With each repetition of his words, her figure inexplicably expanded. What had started as a slight discomfort quickly escalated into a full-blown crisis.

Jillian felt as though her skin was stretching beyond its limits, her clothes straining to contain her growing form. Panic set in as she realized she had no control over this bizarre phenomenon. Jonathon, oblivious to the distress he was causing, continued to nonchalantly repeat his request, unaware of the consequences.

With each passing moment, Jillian’s concern intensified. How far would this expansion go? Would it ever stop? Thoughts raced through her mind as she tried to make sense of what was happening to her. The room began to feel smaller, the walls closing in as her body continued to swell.

The growing concern was palpable in the air, a tension that filled the space between Jonathon and Jillian. She reached out in desperation, pleading for him to cease his words, but it was as if he was in a trance, repeating them over and over again.

As Jillian’s body reached its breaking point, a sense of dread washed over her. What would become of her if this expansion did not cease? The situation was rapidly spiraling out of control, and there seemed to be no end in sight.

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3. Beyond Recognition

Jillian’s figure undergoes a transformation beyond recognition as her stomach expands to an astonishing size. The once familiar curves and contours of her body are now obscured beneath the immense bulk of her growing belly. Her proportions are distorted, and her physical appearance is significantly altered.

As her belly swells to an extreme size, Jillian’s form becomes a sight to behold, raising eyebrows and sparking concern among those around her. The drastic change in her appearance leaves onlookers in disbelief, struggling to reconcile the person they once knew with the distorted figure before them.

Despite attempts to conceal or downplay the dramatic change in her body, Jillian’s altered appearance is impossible to ignore. She struggles to come to terms with her own reflection, facing the challenge of accepting and embracing the new reality of her physical transformation.

With each passing day, Jillian’s once familiar silhouette fades further into the background, replaced by the exaggerated prominence of her ballooning midsection. As her body continues to change beyond recognition, she grapples with the emotional and psychological impact of her physical metamorphosis.

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