Hulk vs. Harley Quinn

1. The Encounter

As the fierce battle unfolded, Hulk’s monstrous strength was unleashed upon Harley Quinn. Grabbing her with immense force, he hurled her against not just one, but a staggering count of 100 trees. Each impact reverberated through the forest, causing the trees to tremble and crack under the sheer power of the collision.

With each throw, Harley Quinn’s body was ruthlessly propelled through the air, her back colliding harshly against the sturdy trunks. The force of the impact left her dazed and disoriented, struggling to find her footing amidst the chaos of the battle.

As Hulk’s relentless assault continued, Harley’s once defiant posture began to falter. Her strength and agility were no match for the brute force of the green behemoth. Each tree she collided with served as a stark reminder of the overwhelming power Hulk possessed, leaving her vulnerable and exposed to the merciless onslaught.

Through the haze of pain and confusion, Harley Quinn found herself cast against the unforgiving bark of the trees once more, her belly now laid bare to the world. The vulnerability of her position only served to fuel Hulk’s aggression, marking a pivotal moment in their tumultuous encounter.

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