Househusband Chronicles

1. Amrita Takes Charge

After careful consideration, Subhash decides to appoint Amrita as his successor. This decision comes as a shock to Vishnu, who had been hoping to take on the role himself. As the news spreads throughout the company, Amrita is met with mixed reactions. Some employees are excited about the change, seeing her as a fresh and innovative leader, while others remain skeptical, questioning her experience and ability to lead.

Despite the initial doubts, Amrita approaches her new position with confidence and determination. She quickly gets to work, familiarizing herself with the responsibilities and challenges that come with leading the company. While Vishnu struggles to accept the decision, Amrita remains focused on proving herself and earning the trust and respect of her colleagues.

As Amrita takes charge, she faces numerous obstacles and resistance from certain individuals who are reluctant to accept her authority. However, her strong leadership skills and unwavering determination help her navigate these challenges successfully. With each passing day, Amrita proves herself to be a capable and respected leader, gradually winning over even her harshest critics.

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