Vision d’horreur d’Une mère et ses deux filles

1. Braving the Elements

A mother and her two daughters work on a fishing boat in the harsh winter, wearing rubber rain gear soaked in fish juice.

Challenges of the Winter Season

The winter season brings harsh weather conditions that can make working on a fishing boat extremely challenging. The cold winds, icy waters, and slippery deck create a dangerous environment for the mother and her two daughters.

Working in Fish Juice Soaked Gear

As they brave the elements, the mother and her daughters are clad in rubber rain gear that is soaked in fish juice. The pungent smell of fish permeates their clothing, serving as a constant reminder of the difficult and dirty work they do.

Resilience and Determination

Despite the tough conditions they face, the mother and her daughters show incredible resilience and determination. They continue to work tirelessly, hauling in their catches and enduring the discomfort of their fish juice-soaked attire.

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2. The Unbearable Smell

The pungent odor of decaying fish overwhelms the senses, causing a wave of nausea to wash over the women. The stench is so overpowering that it makes them gag, and some are unable to hold back their vomit, leading to an unfortunate chain reaction of sickness.

The foul smell hangs heavy in the air, permeating every corner of the room. It seems to seep into their very pores, making it impossible to escape. Despite their best efforts to cover their noses or find a way to mask the odor, the stink proves to be unbearable.

As the women succumb to the nauseating aroma, one after the other falls victim to uncontrollable retching. The sight of one person vomiting triggers a chain reaction among the group, leaving them in a state of chaos and distress.

The combination of the putrid smell and the physical act of vomiting on each other only serves to compound their misery. The room becomes a miasma of sickness and despair, with no relief in sight.

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3. Sickness Sets In

The harsh conditions of constant rain and cold weather take a toll on the women, causing them to fall ill. Their bodies are weakened, and they suffer from runny noses and chronic diarrhea. The lack of proper shelter and exposure to the elements lead to the deterioration of their health. They have no respite from the wet and dreary weather, which only exacerbates their sickness.

As the days go by, the women become increasingly weak and fatigued. The constant discomfort and lack of proper nutrition contribute to their worsening condition. There are no medicines or doctors to provide relief, leaving them to suffer in silence. The once vibrant and energetic group of women are now reduced to a state of misery and suffering.

Despite their illness, the women show remarkable resilience and continue to persevere in the face of adversity. They support each other through their sickness, sharing what little resources they have in an effort to care for one another. Their unity and determination serve as a source of strength, helping them to endure the hardships that come with being sick in such unforgiving conditions.

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