Hingga empat tahun

1. Growing Up in Captivity

From a young age, the protagonist has experienced a childhood unlike any other. For four long years, they have been confined to an underground prison on a small island in the Kingdom of Giorin, a realm controlled by the powerful Elves. The darkness and dampness of the cell have become a familiar companion, day in and day out.

Within the confines of their captivity, the protagonist has had to adapt to a life filled with isolation and uncertainty. Cut off from the outside world, they have had little exposure to natural light or fresh air. The only sounds that echo through the cramped space are the distant drips of water and the occasional footsteps of their captors.

Despite the harsh conditions of their imprisonment, the protagonist has managed to find moments of solace amidst the despair. They have learned to rely on their own inner strength and resilience to endure the hardships of their situation. Each day brings new challenges and trials, but they remain determined to survive and eventually escape their confinements.

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2. Mysterious Visitor

As the moon cast its silver light through the small window of the dimly lit cell, a hushed figure slipped through the shadows and stood before the protagonist. It was a familiar messenger from the kingdom, bearing grave news and a glimmer of hope. The protagonist’s eyes widened in disbelief as the visitor relayed the urgent message in a whispered tone, careful not to draw attention from the guards patrolling nearby.

The messenger’s presence brought a mix of emotions to the protagonist’s heart – relief at not being forgotten, fear of the dangers lurking just beyond the stone walls, and a renewed determination to escape the confines of the cell. The visitor’s words filled the air with a sense of urgency, igniting a spark of hope within the protagonist’s weary soul.

Despite the late hour and the risks involved, the messenger stayed only briefly, leaving behind a small token that carried a cryptic message of encouragement. As the mysterious visitor disappeared back into the night, the protagonist was left with a newfound sense of purpose and a glimmer of light in the darkness of their captivity.

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