Hidden in the Closet

Section 1

Jan’s heart pounded in her chest as she crouched in the dark confines of the closet, trying desperately to control her ragged breathing. The musty smell of old clothes surrounded her, making it difficult to suppress a sneeze that threatened to give away her hiding place. Through the crack in the door, she could see the shadowy figure of the killer, his back turned to her as he calmly sat in the middle of the room.

She could hear him muttering to himself, the words incomprehensible but filled with a chilling intensity that sent shivers down her spine. Every nerve in her body screamed at her to run, to flee from the danger that lurked just a few feet away. But she knew that any movement could spell disaster, revealing her presence to the one who had already taken the lives of her friends.

Jan’s mind raced as she tried to come up with a plan, a way to escape the nightmare that had descended upon her. Time seemed to stretch endlessly, each moment feeling like an eternity as she waited for an opportunity, a chance to slip away unnoticed. And as the killer’s voice grew louder, his tone filled with menace, she knew that her only hope lay in remaining hidden, praying for a miracle to save her from the clutches of the monster in the room.

Jan hides in the closet while killer sits nearby

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