Гермиона примеряет платье из перьев и в полнолуние превращается в орлицу.

1. Introduction

As Hermione entered the antique shop, her eyes quickly settled on a beautiful feathered dress displayed in the corner. It seemed to call out to her, whispering her name in a soft, gentle voice. Curiosity sparked within her as she approached the dress, noticing how the feathers shimmered in the dim light of the shop.

Without hesitation, Hermione reached out and touched the delicate fabric. The sensation was electric, sending shivers down her spine. Something about the dress felt almost magical, as if it held a secret waiting to be discovered. With a boldness she didn’t know she possessed, Hermione decided to try it on.

As she slipped into the dress, she felt a rush of energy coursing through her body. The feathers seemed to come alive, dancing around her like ethereal spirits. Hermione’s reflection in the mirror stared back at her, but it was different somehow – more vibrant, more alive.

Lost in the moment, Hermione twirled and danced around the shop, feeling as if she had been transported to another world. The feathered dress embraced her like a long-lost friend, comforting her with its soft embrace. And as she smiled at her reflection, Hermione knew that this was just the beginning of a magical journey that would change her life forever.

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2. Discovery

As Hermione puts on the dress, she feels a strange sensation coursing through her body and notices her hands turning into feathers.


The moment Hermione slipped into the elegant dress, a wave of tingling warmth enveloped her. It felt as if tiny electric pulses were dancing under her skin, reaching every nerve ending with a gentle yet insistent touch. Confusion clouded her mind as she glanced down at her hands, only to find them gradually transforming before her eyes.


The once familiar sight of her hands now appeared feathered, delicate plumes spreading out in intricate patterns across her skin. Hermione’s heart raced with a mixture of fear and wonder, unsure of what this sudden change meant. Was it a curse or a blessing? She flexed her new feathered fingers, marveling at the strange yet beautiful sight laid out before her.


Despite the initial shock, Hermione found herself oddly at peace with her newfound avian appendages. With each movement, the feathers rustled softly, a soothing sound that calmed her racing thoughts. Embracing this unexpected transformation, she resolved to discover the mysteries that lay ahead, her feathered hands poised for whatever adventures awaited.

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3. Transformation

As the glowing light of the full moon bathes Hermione in its ethereal glow, a magical shift begins to take place. Her form starts to change, her limbs elongating and feathers sprouting from her skin, until she stands before her own astonished eyes as a majestic eagle.

Her once human eyes now gleam with the sharp focus of a bird of prey, and she feels the power of flight coursing through her new form. The wind beneath her wings feels exhilarating as she takes to the sky, reveling in the freedom and grace of her transformed self.

The moonlight dances off her feathers, casting a silvery sheen over her new body. Hermione lets out a triumphant cry, her voice now a haunting echo of her former self. She soars through the night, feeling the weight of her worries fall away with each beat of her powerful wings.

With her newfound ability to see the world from a bird’s eye view, Hermione gains a fresh perspective on her challenges. She knows that as an eagle, she possesses the strength and resilience to overcome whatever obstacles come her way.

As the first rays of dawn begin to break over the horizon, Hermione lands gracefully on the ground, her transformation complete. She takes a moment to savor the last remnants of her avian experience, knowing that she can draw upon this moment of metamorphosis whenever she needs to tap into her inner strength and courage.

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4. Flight

Embracing her new identity, Hermione spreads her wings and takes flight, soaring through the night sky with newfound freedom.

The Soaring Sky

With a heart full of courage and determination, Hermione embraces the essence of her transformation. As she spreads her wings, the cool night air rushes past her, lifting her higher and higher into the dark sky above. The twinkling stars above seem to be cheering her on as she navigates through the vast expanse of the night.

A New Beginning

The sensation of flight fills Hermione with a sense of liberation she had never experienced before. As she looks down on the world below, the worries of her former self seem to shrink into the distance. With each graceful turn and twist through the night sky, she sheds the limitations that once bound her, embracing the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

The Call of Freedom

As Hermione continues to soar through the night, a newfound sense of freedom fills her being. The wind whispers promises of adventure and discovery, urging her to explore the unknown with a spirit unshackled by the past. With every beat of her wings, she embraces the beauty of flight and the limitless potential it represents.

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5. Return

As dawn breaks, Hermione’s physical change begins, reverting her back to her original human form. The gradual transformation fills her with a mix of astonishment and admiration for the sheer magical power that had just taken place. Slowly but surely, her skin loses its scales, her tail merges into legs, and her elongated face returns to its familiar human shape.

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