Her Destructive Touch

1. Putting them in her car

As Esin packs up Tolga’s model planes and sentimental items into her car, she does so with a nonchalant attitude. She tosses them haphazardly into the back of her vehicle, not giving much thought to their delicate nature. Unfortunately, this careless handling results in the items getting jostled and crushed under the weight of her friends’ dirty shoes.

Despite the sentimental value that these items hold for Tolga, Esin seems to overlook their importance. Her lack of consideration and disregard for their condition reflects a certain insensitivity on her part. The way she handles these belongings shows a lack of respect not only for Tolga’s possessions but also for Tolga himself.

By allowing her friends to trample over these items, Esin demonstrates a lack of understanding of their significance. The damage caused to the model planes and sentimental items is not merely physical, but it also represents a deeper disregard for Tolga and his feelings. Esin’s actions reveal a callousness that goes beyond just mishandling objects – it speaks to a disregard for the emotions and attachments that others hold dear.

In the end, the manner in which Esin handles Tolga’s belongings serves as a reflection of her character. It highlights her thoughtlessness and lack of empathy, painting a picture of someone who prioritizes convenience over consideration for others. The damage done to the model planes and sentimental items is not just superficial; it is symbolic of a deeper rift in their relationship caused by Esin’s careless actions.

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2. Using them as a doormat in her apartment

Stepping into her apartment, she proceeds to use his awards and certificates as a mere doormat without a second thought. With a nonchalant attitude, she crushes them under her feet, wiping her shoes on the symbols of his accomplishments before callously kicking them aside.

Each trophy and plaque lay scattered on the floor, tarnished under the weight of her indifference. The once gleaming certificates now wrinkled and dirty, bearing the marks of her disrespect. Her actions speak volumes about her disregard for his hard work and dedication.

As she continues to trample over his achievements, it becomes evident that her intentions are clear – to diminish his successes and undermine his efforts. The scene unfolds as a stark display of power dynamics, with her asserting dominance over his accomplishments.

Despite the significance of his awards and certificates, she treats them as nothing more than a means to clean her shoes. The blatant disregard for his achievements paints a vivid picture of her disregard for his feelings and efforts.

In this way, her actions in using his awards as a doormat serve as a visual representation of her lack of respect and empathy towards him, leaving behind a trail of crushed dreams and shattered pride.

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3. As a feet towel, a shoe trying rug in the mornings

Every day, without fail, Esin reaches for Tolga’s beloved Barcelona Jersey and vintage t-shirts to serve as her impromptu shoe cleaning rug. With each swipe of her shoes on the fabric, she leaves behind a trail of dirt and sweat stains, gradually ruining the once-pristine clothing items. Tolga can only watch in dismay as his favorite pieces of clothing become increasingly discolored and battered from Esin’s morning routine.

Despite Tolga’s attempts to hide his frustration, the sight of his cherished garments being used in such a manner weighs heavily on him. The sentimental value attached to these items only adds to the sting of watching them deteriorate day by day. While Esin may view them as convenient tools for cleaning her shoes, to Tolga, they are precious reminders of cherished memories and experiences.

As the days pass and the stains on the Barcelona Jersey and vintage t-shirts continue to accumulate, Tolga is faced with a dilemma. Should he confront Esin about her usage of his clothing, risking potential conflict in their relationship? Or should he continue to suffer in silence, resigned to the fact that his possessions will never be the same again?

Caught between his desire to preserve his belongings and his reluctance to cause tension with Esin, Tolga struggles to find a resolution to this morning ritual that has unwittingly become a source of conflict in their lives.

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4. Leaving them on the ground to be trampled occasionally

He trusted her with his most treasured belongings, but little did he know that she would betray that trust by leaving them carelessly strewn across the floor. The items he held dear were now being left in harm’s way, vulnerable to the casual footsteps of her friends. With no regard for the sentimental value or importance of these possessions, she allowed her companions to unknowingly trample over them, causing irreversible damage with each careless step.

As her friends obliviously walked over the scattered items, the delicate pieces were crushed under their weight, their value diminished with each destructive footprint. The once cherished belongings lay scattered and broken, their significance lost forever. She continued to leave these precious items exposed to such mistreatment, showing a callous disregard for the feelings and belongings of another.

Her actions revealed a lack of respect for his possessions and a blatant disregard for the significance they held in his life. The intentional neglect and indifference displayed by her actions spoke volumes about her true character, showcasing a selfish and thoughtless nature that prioritized her own convenience over the care and consideration necessary to protect what was entrusted to her.

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