Greer Nelson/Tigra defeats Wonder Woman

1. Confrontation at the United Nations

Wonder Woman finds herself in the midst of a diplomatic crisis when she decides to involve herself in foreign affairs. Her actions spark a heated confrontation with Tigra, the fierce representative of a powerful nation, during a United Nations meeting. The tension in the room is palpable as Wonder Woman stands firm in her beliefs, refusing to back down despite the growing anger from Tigra.

As the confrontation escalates, harsh words are exchanged between the two powerful women. Wonder Woman’s unwavering commitment to justice and her unwillingness to compromise clash with Tigra’s strong sense of national pride and sovereignty. The other representatives in the room watch in awe as these two formidable figures stand their ground, each intent on defending their perspective.

Despite the tense atmosphere, Wonder Woman remains calm and collected, using her formidable skills of persuasion to make her case. Tigra, on the other hand, refuses to budge, adamant in her defense of her nation’s actions. The clash of ideologies and principles reaches a boiling point, creating a moment of high drama at the United Nations.

In the end, a compromise is reached but not without some concessions from both sides. The confrontation serves as a reminder of the complexities of global politics and the challenges of finding common ground in the face of differing opinions and beliefs.

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2. Tigra’s Victory

In a fierce battle, Tigra emerges victorious over Wonder Woman. With her unparalleled skills and relentless determination, she manages to outmaneuver her opponent. As the battle wages on, Tigra seizes an opportunity to strike, ultimately breaking Wonder Woman’s legs and leaving her powerless.

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3. Banishment to Themyscira

After Wonder Woman’s controversial actions, Tigra makes the difficult decision to banish her back to Themyscira. This is a necessary step to ensure that Wonder Woman can no longer intervene in world affairs. Tigra understands the importance of maintaining balance and order in the world, and believes that removing Wonder Woman from the equation is the best way to achieve this.

Themyscira, as Wonder Woman’s home, is a place where she can reflect on her actions and perhaps find a new perspective. It is also where she can seek guidance from her fellow Amazons and reconnect with her roots. Although banishment may seem harsh, Tigra believes it is a lesson that Wonder Woman must learn in order to grow and evolve as a hero.

As Wonder Woman sets foot on Themyscira once again, she is filled with conflicting emotions. She understands Tigra’s decision, but she also feels a sense of loss and longing for the world she has sworn to protect. Wonder Woman knows that she must accept her banishment and use this time to reflect on her actions and contemplate her role as a hero.

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