Harry and Ginny Potter gather with their children for the christening of Esmeralda Belle Greengrass.

Setting the Scene

The Potters, along with their children, arrive at the Greengrass family estate for the christening ceremony. The sun is shining brightly, and the gardens are filled with colorful flowers in bloom. The air is filled with excitement and anticipation as friends and family gather to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Family Bonding

Harry and Ginny hold hands, their children running ahead in excitement. The bond between them is strong, evident in the way they smile at each other and exchange knowing glances. As they enter the grand hall where the ceremony will take place, they are greeted warmly by the Greengrass family, who are eager to welcome them.

The Christening

The ceremony begins, led by a wizarding priest who speaks words of blessings and good fortune for Esmeralda Belle. Harry and Ginny stand proudly as godparents, promising to guide and protect their goddaughter throughout her life. The children watch with wide eyes, taking in the magical atmosphere of the event.


After the ceremony, a lavish feast is held in the garden, with tables laden with delicious food and drinks. Laughter and music fill the air as guests mingle and enjoy each other’s company. Harry and Ginny are surrounded by their children, grateful for the love and happiness that fills their lives.

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2. Act Two Scene 2

Esmeralda’s journey into the world of magic truly begins in Act Two Scene 2 as she immerses herself in learning the mystical arts. Under the guidance of seasoned wizards and witches at The Burrow, Esmeralda starts to understand the complexities of spells, potions, and magical creatures. With wide-eyed wonder, she absorbs every lesson and practice session with keen interest and determination.

As Esmeralda delves deeper into the realm of magic, she forges a strong bond with Albus Potter, who becomes her trusted friend and confidant during this enchanting experience. Their friendship blossoms amidst shared triumphs and failures in their magical endeavors, forming a connection built on mutual respect and understanding.

Together, Esmeralda and Albus navigate the intricacies of spellcasting and enchantments, pushing each other to grow and excel in their magical abilities. They spend countless hours poring over spellbooks, concocting potions, and experimenting with spells under the starlit sky at The Burrow, deepening their bond as they uncover the wonders of the magical world.

Act Two Scene 2 is a pivotal moment in Esmeralda’s magical education, as she not only hones her skills but also discovers the power of friendship and camaraderie in the world of wizardry. The adventures and challenges she faces alongside Albus Potter lay the foundation for her growth as a witch and as an individual, setting the stage for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

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3. Act One Scene 3

Albus and James engage in a playful wrestling match, revealing Esmeralda’s magical abilities in a lighthearted manner. As the two brothers playfully grapple on the floor, Esmeralda enters the room, observing the match with amusement. Suddenly, James is lifted off the ground and thrown across the room, landing softly on a pile of cushions. Albus, surprised and impressed, looks at Esmeralda with wide eyes.

Esmeralda chuckles, “Did you think I was just an ordinary girl?” Her eyes sparkle with mischief as she twirls her wand between her fingers.

The boys’ faces light up with excitement as they realize the extent of Esmeralda’s magical abilities. They continue to playfully spar with each other, now incorporating spells and charms into their wrestling match. Albus conjures a shield to protect himself, while James sends a gust of wind to knock his brother off balance.

With each new spell cast, Esmeralda’s powers become more apparent, dazzling the boys with her skill and finesse. The room is filled with laughter and the crackling of magic as the trio engages in a playful display of wizardry.

By the end of the scene, Albus and James are exhausted but exhilarated, their bond strengthened by the shared experience of discovering Esmeralda’s magical talents. As they catch their breath, Esmeralda smiles at them, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

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4. Act One Scene 4

Esmeralda, with a childlike curiosity, stumbled upon a peculiar container of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Mistaking them for ordinary jelly beans, she eagerly popped one into her mouth. At first, she savored the familiar taste of strawberry jelly, but as she chewed, something extraordinary happened.

A burst of colors exploded in her mouth, and sensations she had never experienced before danced on her tastebuds. The flavors and textures shifted and changed with each moment, from sweet to savory, from smooth to fizzy. Esmeralda couldn’t help but laugh in delight as she realized these beans were not like anything she had ever tasted before.

As she continued to experiment with the beans, she discovered that each one held a surprise, offering a glimpse into the magical world beyond her imagination. The beans seemed to carry a touch of whimsy and enchantment, each bite bringing a new adventure in flavor.

Esmeralda’s accidental discovery of the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans opened her eyes to the wonder and mystery that surrounded her. It was a moment of pure magic, reminding her that the world was full of surprises waiting to be uncovered.

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5. Act One Scene 5

Esmeralda’s world is turned upside down as she discovers the existence of Hogwarts, a school of magic where she is destined to uncover her true identity. As she delves into this magical realm, Esmeralda is filled with a sense of wonder and potential. The realization that she is part of something greater than herself sparks a newfound sense of purpose within her.

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Act One Scene 6

Esmeralda finds herself facing a moment of inner turmoil as she questions her deep-rooted allegiance to the house of Slytherin. Conflicted and perplexed, she turns to her family and friends for guidance and support. Seeking clarity on her identity and values, she engages in heartfelt conversations with those closest to her.

Esmeralda’s struggle with her Slytherin heritage raises important questions about the nature of allegiance and the complexities of one’s own identity. As she navigates this challenging inner journey, she grapples with the conflicting emotions and thoughts that arise.

Through her interactions with her loved ones, Esmeralda seeks not only understanding but also a sense of empowerment to embrace her true self. The support and wisdom offered by her family and friends play a crucial role in helping her navigate this pivotal moment in her life.

Act One Scene 6 delves deep into Esmeralda’s inner world, highlighting the universal themes of self-discovery, loyalty, and the importance of seeking guidance from those we trust. As she reflects on her Slytherin roots and contemplates her future path, Esmeralda’s journey of self-exploration takes center stage, offering a profound exploration of identity and personal values.

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