1. Act One Scene 1

Harry and Ginny Potter, along with their children, gather at Greengrass Manor for the christening of Esmeralda Belle Greengrass. The family comes together in celebration as they welcome Esmeralda into the magical world. Growing up surrounded by magic, Esmeralda thrives in this environment, learning spells and charms from a young age.

As Esmeralda grows older, she forms a close bond with Albus Potter, the youngest child of Harry and Ginny. The two children spend countless hours exploring the grounds of Greengrass Manor, practicing magic, and sharing secrets. Their friendship blossoms, and they become inseparable companions, united by their love for all things magical.

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2. Act Two Scene 2

Esmeralda’s eyes flutter open as she finds herself in the cozy confines of the Burrow. Surrounded by the warmth of her godfamily, the Potters and the Weasleys, she can sense a different kind of magic in the air. As she ventures downstairs, the clinking of crockery and laughter fills her ears, a stark contrast to the bleak reality she once knew.

As the morning progresses, Esmeralda slowly begins to realize the significance of her presence in this magical household. The Potters and Weasleys, with their kind-hearted nature and genuine affection, start to unveil the mysteries of her magical abilities. Through their guidance and encouragement, Esmeralda starts to feel a newfound sense of belonging and acceptance.

With each passing moment, Esmeralda’s understanding of her magical prowess deepens. Simple tasks like levitating objects and lighting candles become a thrilling adventure, opening a world of possibilities that she never thought possible.

As she shares in the laughter and joy of her godfamily, Esmeralda’s heart swells with gratitude for the new life that awaits her. The Burrow, once a stranger’s home, now feels like a sanctuary where she can explore her magical potential and embrace her true identity.

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3. Act One Scene 3

Albus and James playfully tease Esmeralda about her magical powers, leading to a confession from her.

Albus and James Teasing Esmeralda

Albus and James engage in friendly banter with Esmeralda, poking fun at her magical abilities. They playfully challenge her to show off some of her powers, causing Esmeralda to blush and try to deflect their attention.

Esmeralda’s Confession

As the teasing continues, Esmeralda finally breaks down and admits to Albus and James that she does indeed possess magical powers. She shares stories of strange occurrences and unexplainable events that have happened to her, opening up to her friends about a secret she had kept hidden for so long.

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4. Act One Scene 4

Esmeralda mistakes Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans for regular jelly beans, leading to a comical interaction.

Esmeralda’s Mistake

As Esmeralda reached into the jar of colorful beans on the counter, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She popped a red bean into her mouth, expecting the familiar taste of cherry jelly beans. However, as soon as she bit down, her face twisted into a look of utter shock and surprise.

Comical Interaction

Bertie Bott, the owner of the magical candy shop, couldn’t help but chuckle at Esmeralda’s expression. “Ah, you’ve just tried one of my Every Flavour Beans,” he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Esmeralda’s eyes widened in disbelief as she realized her mistake.

The interaction between Esmeralda and Bertie became more and more humorous as she continued to sample the various unusual flavors of the magical beans. From grass to earwax, each bean brought a new surprise and a burst of laughter from both Esmeralda and Bertie.

Lesson Learned

By the end of their comical exchange, Esmeralda had learned an important lesson about not judging a bean by its color. She left the candy shop with a smile on her face and a newfound appreciation for the magical wonders that Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans had to offer.

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5. Act One Scene 5

Esmeralda’s curiosity peaked as she sat across from Albus, eager to learn more about the magical world of Harry Potter. She prodded him with questions about Harry’s lightning scar and the renowned Hogwarts feasts, her fascination shining through her eyes.

Albus, feeling a sense of responsibility to share this magical realm with Esmeralda, began to weave a tale of wizardry and wonder. He described how Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, had survived a dark curse, leaving him with the distinctive lightning-shaped scar on his forehead. Esmeralda listened intently, hanging on Albus’ every word.

As Albus delved into the details of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Esmeralda’s excitement grew. She imagined the grand feasts held in the Great Hall, with candles floating in mid-air and talking paintings adorning the walls. The thought of magical creatures and spellbinding classes captured her imagination.

Esmeralda’s questions seemed endless, but Albus welcomed them with a warm smile. He was delighted to see her genuine interest in the magical world he held dear. With each answer he provided, Esmeralda’s connection to this fantastical realm deepened, and Albus knew that he had found a kindred spirit in her.

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6. Act One Scene 6

Esmeralda speaks with her cousin Scorpius Malfoy at Malfoy Manor, discussing her desire to be herself and her different house preferences at Hogwarts. They bond over a game of wizards chess.

Esmeralda sat across the table from Scorpius Malfoy in the grand hall of Malfoy Manor. She leaned in, speaking earnestly about her struggles with fitting in at Hogwarts. “I just want to be myself, Scorpius. I don’t want to have to conform to anyone’s expectations,” she expressed, her eyes searching for understanding in her cousin’s gaze.

Scorpius, usually aloof and distant, nodded in empathy. “I understand, Esmeralda. It’s important to stay true to who you are, even if others don’t agree with it,” he reassured her.

As the conversation turned towards Hogwarts, Esmeralda shared her differing preferences for the houses. Scorpius listened intently, intrigued by her unique perspective. “I never really thought about it that way,” he admitted, a newfound respect blooming for his cousin.

After their heartfelt discussion, Scorpius suggested a game of wizards chess to lighten the mood. Esmeralda’s eyes lit up with excitement, and they spent the rest of the afternoon engrossed in the strategic battle of pieces on the board.

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