Goodbye, Lyla

1. Lyla’s Last Day

On Draco Malfoy’s beloved doberman, Lyla, spends her final day in Hogwarts surrounded by students and teachers who have come to say their goodbyes.

Lyla’s gentle demeanor and loyal companionship have made her a favorite among the Hogwarts community. The day is filled with bittersweet moments as students reminisce about the times they spent playing with Lyla in the courtyard and teachers share stories of her unwavering loyalty.

As the day progresses, there is a sense of somberness in the air as everyone prepares to bid farewell to Lyla, who has been a constant presence in their lives. The Great Hall is adorned with flowers and candles in her honor, creating a peaceful atmosphere for everyone to express their sentiments.

Lyla spends her final hours enjoying the company of those she loves, receiving pets and hugs from everyone who passes by. Draco Malfoy is especially heartbroken, as Lyla has been his most trusted companion throughout his time at Hogwarts.

As the sun sets on Lyla’s last day, there is a moment of silence as everyone gathers around to say their final goodbyes. The loss of Lyla leaves a void in the hearts of everyone at Hogwarts, but her memory will live on in the stories and memories shared by all who knew her.

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2. Harry’s Support

After the tragic loss of Lyla, Draco finds solace in the unexpected support of Harry Potter. Despite their rocky past, Harry steps up to help Draco navigate through his grief and mourn the devastating loss of their mutual friend. As they come together in their shared sorrow, their bond strengthens and they find comfort in each other’s company.

Harry’s unwavering support is a turning point for Draco, who is surprised by the depth of compassion and understanding that Harry offers during this difficult time. They spend hours talking about their memories of Lyla, sharing stories and tears as they come to terms with her absence. Harry’s presence provides Draco with a sense of stability and reassurance, reminding him that he is not alone in his grief.

Through their shared mourning process, Draco and Harry forge a new connection built on empathy and mutual respect. As they lean on each other for support, they discover a renewed sense of strength and resilience. Together, they navigate the complex emotions that come with losing someone dear, finding solace in each other’s presence and the bond that emerges from their shared experience of loss.

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3. Snape’s Kindness

Professor Snape encounters the newest and tiniest girl in Hogwarts, comforting her gently and earning her trust.

Amidst the bustling halls of Hogwarts, Professor Snape’s presence loomed large and intimidating. His sharp gaze and stern demeanor often struck fear into the hearts of the students. However, there was one particular incident that revealed a side of Snape that many had never seen before.

It was on a rainy afternoon when the newest and tiniest girl in Hogwarts was found wandering the corridors, tears streaming down her cheeks. Lost and confused, she looked up to see Professor Snape approaching her. Instead of the usual cold stare, Snape’s expression softened as he knelt down beside her.

With a gentle voice, Snape spoke comforting words to the young girl, assuring her that everything would be alright. His actions spoke volumes as he offered her a handkerchief to dry her tears and guided her back to the safety of her dormitory.

Through this simple act of kindness, Snape not only comforted the girl but also earned her trust. From that day on, the tiniest girl in Hogwarts looked up to Professor Snape with admiration and gratitude, knowing that beneath his tough exterior lay a heart capable of compassion.

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