Giffany’s Revenge

1. The Escape Plan

Giffany and Bill Cipher join forces to assemble a group of deleted video game characters with the intention of unleashing chaos upon the world. These characters, once thought to be gone forever, are now resurrected by Giffany and Bill to wreak havoc on both the digital realm and the real world.

Together, Giffany and Bill Cipher concoct a master plan to recruit these characters, promising them a chance to seek revenge on those who erased them from existence. As the team grows, their power and capabilities increase, posing a significant threat to the stability of the world as we know it.

With each new addition to their group, Giffany and Bill Cipher become more emboldened in their mission to disrupt the order of things. The deleted characters, fueled by their desire for vengeance, eagerly follow their leaders into the unknown, ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal of causing widespread chaos.

As the Escape Plan unfolds, the world watches in horror as a wave of destruction sweeps across the land, leaving chaos and confusion in its wake. Will anyone be able to stop Giffany and Bill Cipher’s destructive alliance, or is the world doomed to fall victim to their nefarious scheme?

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2. Trapped Allies

As Giffany’s powers manifest, Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and Wendy find themselves enclosed within a force field box. Their attempts to escape only seem to strengthen the mysterious entity’s hold over them. Panic sets in as they struggle to come up with a solution to break free from the confining force field.

Despite their individual strengths and unique abilities, the group realizes that they are truly trapped with no apparent way out. Dipper’s quick thinking, Mabel’s optimism, Grunkle Stan’s resourcefulness, and Wendy’s cool demeanor are put to the test as they brainstorm possible strategies to overcome Giffany’s formidable powers.

Inside the force field box, the tension mounts as the allies frantically work together to unravel the secrets of Giffany’s abilities. Each passing moment brings them closer to understanding the nature of their predicament, but also raises the stakes as Giffany’s influence grows stronger.

Will the trapped allies be able to outwit Giffany and escape the force field box before it’s too late? Only time will tell as they face their most challenging adversary yet.

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3. Soos’ Mission


Soos is faced with a daunting task – he must rely on his passion for video games to rescue his friends and put an end to Giffany’s malicious plans.


As Soos embarks on his mission, he encounters numerous challenges along the way. Giffany’s destructive schemes pose a serious threat to the safety of his friends. Soos must navigate through treacherous levels and outsmart Giffany’s minions to save the day.


Utilizing his expertise in gaming, Soos devises a strategic plan to defeat Giffany. He carefully analyzes her weaknesses and exploits them to gain an advantage. With quick reflexes and clever tactics, Soos maneuvers through the virtual world to outsmart his digital foe.

The Final Showdown

After a series of intense battles, Soos finally confronts Giffany in an epic showdown. Utilizing all his skills and knowledge of video games, Soos engages in a fierce battle with Giffany to save his friends and thwart her destructive plans once and for all.

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