Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Werewolf Transformation

1. Edward’s Painful Transformation

As the full moon approaches, Edward finds himself struggling with the painful transformation once again. The sensation of his automail burning into his skin is unbearable, making him desperately try to remove the metal limbs. Each movement sends sharp waves of agony through his body, forcing him to grit his teeth and suppress his cries of pain.

Edward knows that this transformation is inevitable, a consequence of the dark curse that he carries. The nights leading up to the full moon are always the hardest, as he feels the beast inside him stir and awaken. The inner battle between his human self and the animal instincts rages on, leaving him feeling torn and conflicted.

Despite the suffering, Edward tries to stay strong and hold onto his humanity. He refuses to let the beast take over completely, clinging to his sense of self amidst the chaos of the transformation. But as the full moon looms closer, the struggle becomes increasingly difficult, pushing him to the brink of his endurance.

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2. Desperate Attempts to Remove the Automail

As the desperation set in, Edward’s mind raced with thoughts on how to get rid of the automail that seemed to be causing more harm than good. Frustrated with the limitations it placed on him, he began to forcefully try to remove the mechanical limbs attached to his body. Each attempt only resulted in more injuries and pain, making him realize the futility of his actions.

As Edward struggled with the automail, a shocking discovery was made. His skin was starting to transform, showing signs of a strange mutation. Claws began to grow from his fingertips, a consequence of the fusion of his body with the automail. The sight of his changing body only added to his panic, as he realized the irreversible nature of what had been done to him.

The once highly regarded automail was now becoming a burden, both physically and mentally. Edward’s attempts to rid himself of the automail only brought him closer to the harsh reality of his situation. The pain and suffering he endured in his desperate attempts served as a grim reminder of the consequences of his actions.

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3. Winry Discovers Edward’s Secret

As Edward attempts to flee during the transformation, Winry manages to catch up to him. She demands answers, wanting to understand the truth behind his mysterious condition.

Edward hesitates, knowing that revealing his secret could potentially change everything between them. But Winry’s determination and concern for him override his fears. With a heavy heart, Edward begins to explain the truth behind his automail limbs and the toll they take on his body.

Winry listens intently, her eyes widening in shock as the reality sinks in. She had always known that Edward’s journey as a State Alchemist was dangerous, but she never imagined the extent of his sacrifices. The realization leaves her feeling a mix of admiration and sadness for her childhood friend.

As the conversation unfolds, Winry’s perspective towards Edward shifts. She now sees him in a different light, understanding the struggles and burdens he carries. Despite the sadness that accompanies this newfound knowledge, Winry is determined to support Edward in any way she can.

Edward’s secret not only deepens their bond but also strengthens their resolve to face the challenges ahead together. Winry’s discovery marks a turning point in their relationship, as they both come to terms with the harsh realities of their shared journey.

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