Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Werewolf Curse

1. Edward’s Painful Transformation

As the full moon rose in the sky, Edward began to feel the all too familiar pain of his transformation into a werewolf. The searing agony coursed through his body as his bones shifted and rearranged themselves. Desperately, he tried to remove his automail, fearing that he might inadvertently harm himself in his newly transformed state.

Every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire as he struggled to control the overwhelming urge to howl at the moon. The metallic clink of his automail hitting the ground echoed in the night, drowned out by the sound of his own labored breathing.

Edward knew that he needed to stay focused, to keep himself from succumbing to the primal instincts that threatened to consume him. With sheer determination, he forced himself to stay in control, even as the pain threatened to overwhelm his senses.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the transformation began to subside, leaving Edward panting and exhausted on the forest floor. The scars from his ordeal would linger long after the physical pain had faded.

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2. Winry Discovers Edward’s Secret

Winry walked into the room just as Edward began to convulse. She could see the pain etched on his face as he struggled to control the transformation taking place. Horror filled her eyes as she witnessed firsthand the toll that alchemy took on her friend.

Edward’s automail limbs had always been a testament to his resilience and strength, but now Winry realized the extent of the sacrifices he made to perform alchemy. She saw the blood trickling down his hands, the visible signs of self-inflicted wounds that he endured in order to transmute.

As Winry stood frozen in shock, Edward turned to her with a mixture of vulnerability and shame. He had always been so fiercely independent, but now she saw the toll that his secret had taken on him. The facade of invincibility that he projected crumbled before her eyes, revealing the vulnerable boy underneath.

Winry felt a surge of conflicting emotions – anger at Edward for hiding this from her, sadness for the pain he endured, and a deep sense of admiration for his strength in the face of such suffering. She knew that their friendship would never be the same after this revelation, but she also knew that she would stand by his side no matter what.

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