From Quarry to Salon: Rahma’s Journey

1. Early Life

Namakula Rahma spent her childhood in Bombo under the care of her single mother. Growing up in a financially unstable environment, Rahma faced many challenges, one of which was dropping out of primary school at the tender age of 12. This early setback in her education had a profound impact on Rahma, shaping her determination and resilience to overcome adversities in her life.

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2. Work in Quarry and Charcoal Stall

After her father passed away, Rahma took it upon herself to work in a quarry and charcoal stall to support her mother. This decision was not an easy one, as she had to face numerous challenges and risks in these environments. The relentless work in the quarry exposed Rahma to health hazards such as respiratory issues from inhaling dust and fumes, as well as physical dangers from heavy machinery and falling debris.

Working in the charcoal stall presented its own set of challenges. Rahma had to endure the intense heat and smoke from the burning charcoal, which could have long-term effects on her health. Additionally, the charcoal production process involved handling hazardous materials and working in close quarters with limited ventilation, further compromising Rahma’s well-being.

Despite the harsh conditions and risks she faced, Rahma pushed through each day with determination, driven by her love for her family and the need to provide for them. However, the toll that this work took on her physical and mental health could not be ignored. The lack of proper safety measures and support systems in these workplaces only exacerbated the difficulties Rahma encountered.

Rahma’s experience in the quarry and charcoal stall sheds light on the harsh reality that many individuals like her face in their daily lives, struggling to make ends meet while sacrificing their well-being. It is a poignant reminder of the need for better working conditions and support for those in vulnerable positions, like Rahma, who are forced to take on dangerous and exhausting work out of necessity.

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3. Meeting Nina

Back in 2023, Rahma had the life-changing opportunity to meet Nina, a skilled mentor in the art of hairdressing. Nina took Rahma under her wing, teaching her the tricks of the trade and sharing valuable insights into the industry.

For Rahma, this encounter marked a turning point in her life. With Nina’s guidance and wisdom, she was able to hone her skills and develop a passion for hairdressing that she never knew existed. The connection she forged with Nina provided her with a new sense of purpose and direction.

Through countless hours spent practicing and learning from Nina, Rahma gradually gained confidence in her abilities. She began to see a future for herself in the world of hairdressing, thanks to the unwavering support and encouragement she received from her mentor.

As time went on, Rahma’s skills continued to improve, and she started to dream big. With Nina by her side, she felt empowered to pursue her goals and make a name for herself in the industry. The bond between mentor and mentee grew stronger with each passing day, propelling Rahma towards a bright and exciting future.

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4. Empowerment and Future Plans

After receiving support from Youth Alive Uganda and Misean Cara, Rahma is now employed in a salon. She is grateful for the opportunity and the empowerment she has experienced. Rahma has learned valuable skills and gained confidence in her abilities.

With her newfound passion for the beauty industry, Rahma has set her sights on opening her own salon. She envisions a space where she can not only showcase her talents but also provide opportunities for others to learn and grow. Rahma dreams of creating a supportive environment where individuals can develop their skills and build successful careers.

Looking ahead, Rahma is dedicated to making her vision a reality. She is determined to use her experience and knowledge to empower others in the same way she has been empowered. Rahma understands the importance of giving back and hopes to inspire future generations to pursue their dreams.

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