Flashback at Hogwarts: The Secret Admirer

1. Hogwarts Express Encounter

During the journey on the Hogwarts Express, Albus couldn’t help but send subtle love signals to Esmeralda, hoping she would notice. Scorpius, who was sitting across from him, caught onto Albus’s actions and began teasing him about his crush. “I see you’ve taken a liking to Esmeralda,” Scorpius said with a smirk.

Albus blushed and tried to play it cool, denying any romantic interest in Esmeralda. However, Scorpius wasn’t convinced and continued to poke fun at his friend. “Oh, come on, Albus. You can’t fool me. I can see the way you look at her,” Scorpius said, earning a chuckle from the other students nearby.

Despite Albus’s embarrassment, the teasing conversation with Scorpius lightened the mood on the train and made the long journey more enjoyable. As the Hogwarts Express chugged along towards Hogwarts, Albus couldn’t help but wonder if maybe his secret crush on Esmeralda wasn’t so secret after all.

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2. Love Notes

Albus begins sending secret admirer notes to Esmeralda, describing his feelings and the intensity of his love for her.

As the days went by, Albus found himself falling deeper and deeper in love with Esmeralda. Unable to contain his emotions any longer, he decided to express his feelings through secret admirer notes. Each note was carefully crafted, detailing the immense love he held for her and the intensity of his emotions.

Esmeralda was taken aback by the heartfelt messages she received. She couldn’t help but feel a flutter in her chest every time she read one of Albus’s love notes. The words touched her soul in a way she had never experienced before.

Albus poured his heart out in each letter, describing how Esmeralda’s presence brightened his days and how her smile filled his world with joy. He confessed his deepest desires and hopes for a future where they could be together, sharing their lives and dreams.

Esmeralda was both flattered and intrigued by the mystery of her secret admirer. She found herself eagerly awaiting each new note, wondering when she would finally discover the identity of the person who loved her so deeply.

Albus’s love notes became a source of comfort and joy for Esmeralda, a bright spot in her otherwise ordinary days. Little did she know that the man who wrote those words was none other than Albus, the shy and gentle soul who had captured her heart without even revealing his true self.

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3. Reveal Clues

Albus gives Esmeralda clues about his identity and emotions through riddles, expressing his burning love and desire for her.

Albus, consumed by his love for Esmeralda, decides to reveal his true identity through a series of cleverly crafted riddles. These riddles serve as clues to his feelings and desires, hidden behind a facade of mystery and intrigue.

Through cryptic messages and subtle hints, Albus conveys the depth of his longing and affection for Esmeralda. Each riddle is carefully designed to reveal a piece of his heart, a fragment of his true self that he dares not expose openly.

Esmeralda, intrigued by the enigmatic messages, begins to unravel the mystery of Albus’s identity. As she deciphers each clue, she uncovers a side of him that she had never imagined, a side brimming with passion and devotion.

As the riddles progress, Albus’s love for Esmeralda burns brighter, his desire for her becoming more palpable with each revealing clue. The words he chooses, the symbols he employs, all point to a love that knows no bounds, a love that defies reason and logic.

Through the art of riddle-making, Albus bares his soul to Esmeralda, laying bare his innermost thoughts and emotions. And as Esmeralda unravels the final clue, she discovers the depth of Albus’s love, a love that yearns to be reciprocated with equal fervor.

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