Fashion Week Diaries: Classic Tailoring and Romantic Lace

Section 1: London Fashion Week: Rhona Whitaker

Rhona Whitaker is a resident style maven from London, who is reputed for her knack for blending traditional benchmarks of tailoring with the ethereal allure of lace. As she steps out to navigate the heady ambiance of London Fashion Week, she displays an ensemble that encapsulates British sophistication and feminine charm.

The crux of Rhona’s sartorial choice is a unique, bespoke plaid tweed suit. The suit, tailored to perfection, mirrors the craftsmanship and exceptional detail synonymous with London’s tailoring legacy. The plaid pattern is a nuanced nod to contemporary fashion preferences, allowing her to remain rooted in tradition while not shying away from a modern touch.

Underneath the suit, Rhona aptly juxtaposes the assertive expression of her suit with a romantic lace blouse. The intricately woven fabric speaks volumes of femininity, its delicate patterns and translucent facade peeping from beneath her jacket to create a beguiling harmony of power and gentleness.

No ensemble is complete without the right accessories, and Rhona’s choices are as thoughtful as her apparel. She opts for stalwart Huntsman boots, an apt companion for the Londonian weather, and an oversized burgundy clutch, successfully merging practicality and style. Her accessories add depth to her ensemble, the bold burgundy tone and the rugged appeal of the boots creating a delightful contrast against the soft appeal of lace and the structured silhouette of her suit.

Thus, Rhona navigates the bustling streets housing the London Fashion Week, meeting the London chill with her fervor for fashion, trailblazing her signature blend of classic tailoring and romantic lace.

Rhona Whitaker attending London Fashion Week in bespoke tweed suit

Section 2: Paris Fashion Week: Margot Beauvais

When it comes to style, Paris is the epicenter of chic, and Margot Beauvais is no exception. Infusing her sophisticated taste with the romantic charm Paris is known for, she makes an unforgettable impression in the grand Paris Fashion Week. The meticulous attention to detail, the harmonious blend of assertive tailoring and feminine charm, reflects her understanding and passion for fashion.

Margot chooses a classic black trouser suit for her ensemble, reflecting not just an impeccable sense of tailoring but a distinct homage to classic Parisian fashion. The suit, cut with precision and providing a flattering silhouette, symbolizes a woman’s power and dominance in the fashion world. The black hue adds a dose of drama and seriousness, echoing the high stakes and intensity of the fashion week.

Underneath the powerful exterior of the suit, she wears an ivory lace blouse. The blouse, with its intricate lacing and soft color, adds a contrast to the trouser suit, providing an element of softness and grace. This juxtaposition serves as a poignant symbol of the fusion of power and femininity that Paris Fashion Week represents.

Not to forget her accessories, Margot opts for a signature French beret, further enhancing her Parisian roots, and ballet flats for comfort and practicality amidst the bustling schedule. Together, these elements cement her status as the quintessential French woman, effortlessly combining classic tailoring with touches of romantic lace.

Margot Beauvais in black suit at Paris Fashion Week

Section 3: New York Fashion Week: Gabrielle Connelly

To represent the dynamic energy of New York, Gabrielle Connelly does more than justice. As a testimony to New York’s eminent sartorial scene, she steps out in a svelte ensemble fit for the runway, exhibiting a keen understanding of classic tailoring imbued with a hint of romanticism.

Gabrielle’s choice of outerwear is a classic houndstooth coat, a timeless piece revered for its geometric simplicity and inherent elegance. The houndstooth pattern, bold yet unobtrusive, adds an attractive visual element to her outfit without detracting from the overall harmonious aesthetic.

Beneath the coat, she sports high-waisted pin-striped trousers. These trousers, with their visually elongating pattern and form-flattering fit, provide a sense of structural balance to her outfit and further emphasizes her ability to deftly navigate the realm of classic tailoring.

The fusion of power-dressing with romanticism comes alive with her choice of a white lace camisole. Worn under a tightly tailored waistcoat, it infuses a gentle, softer edge into her look, tastefully offsetting the bold structure of her coat and trousers.

Gabrielle completes her ensemble with high-heeled loafers and an understated leather tote bag. Together, they not only deliver the practicality needed to weather the frenzied pace of Fashion Week but seamlessly enhance her fashion statement. Her outfit, thus, admirably blends practicality with impeccable style and elegance in the heart of New York Fashion Week.

Gabrielle Connelly at New York Fashion Week in houndstooth coat

Section 4: Milan Fashion Week: Isabella Ricci

Every city has a fashion spirit, and Italy’s Milan is renowned for its distinct balance between boardroom-style tailoring and feminine romanticism. Representing this unique flavor is Isabella Ricci, who steps out at the Milan Fashion Week with an outfit that strikingly showcases this fusion.

Isabella chooses a tailored charcoal blazer with a cinched waist as her ensemble cornerstone. The precise tailoring secures a perfect fit, emphasizing her silhouette and showcasing Italy’s celebrated mastery in tailoring. The charcoal shade of the blazer adds a layer of seriousness and formality, emphasizing the boardroom-style component of her outfit.

Adding an unexpected yet delightful twist, she pairs her blazer with a matching skirt that boasts a sensual lace trim. The lacework, enhancing the romantic aspect of her look, provides a soft contrast to the blazer. The combination attests to her fashion-forward thinking, blending the formal and feminine into an irresistible fashion concoction.

A blush pink lace camisole is worn under her blazer, further playing up the Bohemian allure of lace. The blush pink shade injects light-hearted charm into her ensemble, adding to the overall sense of femininity.

No look is complete without the right accessories. Isabella picks an array of necklaces to add some vintage allure to her outfit. She smartly uses them to enhance the romantic vibe, while simultaneously introducing elements of chic glamour that are so characteristic of Milanese fashion.

Isabella Ricci in tailored blazer at Milan Fashion Week

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