Donson’s Wrath

1. The Discovery

Donson, Tic’s twin sister, becomes aware of Breanna’s presence at the academy. She sees this as a golden opportunity to finally rid their world of the human threat that has plagued them for far too long. Donson, fueled by a deep-seated hatred towards humans, begins to concoct a plan to eliminate Breanna and any other humans who may be standing in their way.

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2. Malicious Intent

With a deep hatred for humans, Donson sets out to eliminate Breanna, unaware of the bond forming between her brother and the girl.


Donson’s animosity towards humans dates back to a traumatic event in his past, fueling his malicious intent towards Breanna.

Plot Development

As Donson devises a plan to harm Breanna, he remains oblivious to the growing connection between her brother and the girl.

Character Motivation

Donson’s intense hatred blinds him to the positive relationships around him, driving him towards his malicious actions.

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3. The Vicious Plot

As Donson’s desire to eliminate Breanna grows stronger, her scheme to achieve this becomes more elaborate and malicious. Donson’s mind is consumed with thoughts of how to bring about Breanna’s downfall, and she meticulously plans each step of her cruel plot. Her determination to get rid of Breanna is unwavering, and she is willing to go to great lengths to make it happen.

Donson’s scheme is cold and calculated, with no room for mercy or compassion. She knows exactly what she wants and is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. The intensity of her emotions fuels her actions, as she becomes more and more focused on carrying out her vicious plan.

Donson’s plot begins to take shape, with each detail falling into place like a twisted puzzle. Every move she makes is a deliberate step towards her ultimate objective, and she shows no signs of hesitation or remorse. Her determination is unmatched, and her scheme becomes more sinister with each passing moment.

As Donson’s plan unfolds, the extent of her ruthlessness becomes apparent. She is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to see her goal realized, no matter the cost. The depth of her cruelty is chilling, as she moves forward with her scheme with unwavering resolve.

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