Desperate Moments: Shin Captain Tsubasa 1989


Tsubasa Ozora, Taro Misaki, Jun Misugi, Takeshi Sawada, Hikaru Matsuyama, and Ryo Ishizaki face a challenging situation during the U16 World Cup against Argentina. Consuming excessive fluids causes all players to desperately need to pee, leading to a struggle to focus on the match. On the opposing side, Juan Diaz, Alan Pascal, Brown, and Galvan also share the same fate, creating tension on the field. The confusion of Kojiro Hyuga and Hiroshi Jito adds to the chaos, while the Japanese goalkeepers, Genzo Wakabayashi and Ken Wakazhimatsu, and Argentinian goalkeeper, Julio Galtoni, experience a different kind of distraction. As emotions run high, the boys find themselves in tears, particularly the young Brown and Sawada.

Family with royal title faces hilarious bathroom situation

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