Deception of Love

1. The Heiress

Introducing our enigmatic protagonist, Arabella Samara Turnbull. With her ethereal freckled skin, captivating salted caramel brunette balayage curls, and a smile that beckons secrets, Arabella is the classic beauty with a twist. A true cosmopolitan spirit, her roots trace back to her Algerian grandmother, her American father, and her Cypriot mother. Known in her circles for her compelling aura and inimitable style, she dutifully carries her mixed heritage, making it a part of her charm.

Impending Fortune

Arabella, although not overly attached to material possessions, is the sole heiress to her family’s massive fortune. A vast empire built over generations awaits her claim, a claim she hesitates to make, cherishing her independence above all.

Fashion, A Part Of Her Persona

Not one to conform to conventions, Arabella’s style is a captivating fusion of three nations. A regular week sees her in sophisticated silhouettes inspired by her multicultural background; however, her profound love for lace gloves add an intriguing touch of elegance, turning heads wherever she goes.

Signature Cosmetics

Arabella enhances her natural beauty with a tastefully done makeup routine. She swears by her ‘morning velvet’ palette, the shades of which complement her skin tone, making her mesmerizing eyes stand out – a tool she often uses for her benefit. It’s no surprise that she’s been the unrivalled queen of her milieu, casting her spell effortlessly.

Arabella Samara Turnbull sporting her lace gloves and morning velvet makeup

2. The Decree

The Turnbull family’s fortune, built upon the sweat and toil of many generations, pauses at Arabella’s doorstep, posing a challenge unlike any other. Just as she was exploring the liberty of her wealthy, single life, her world is turned upside down with an unexpected revelation made by her ailing grandfather.

The Unexpected Revelation

Feeling his time drawing near, her grandfather decides to impose a condition on the impending inheritance. He wishes for the continuance of their long-established line under the protection of a married union. Hence, he decrees that in order for Arabella to inherit the family’s fortune, she must be wed before he takes his last breath.

Arabella’s Dilemma

Arabella, a woman who has enjoyed the bounties of an independent, affluent lifestyle, is shocked. Marriage is a commitment that she isn’t ready for – it was nowhere in her immediate plans. The decree suffocates her very essence of liberty and the way she lives her life.

Bracing Against the Storm

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Arabella must now devise a plan. For her, this means finding a way to fulfill the decree’s requirements while preserving the freedom she holds dear. Confronted with an almost impossible task, she decides to face it head-on, determined to seize her inheritance without surrendering her freedom.

Arabella devising a plan to meet her grandfathers decree

3. The Contract

Arabella, ever the pragmatic dreamer, comes up with a solution that tackles her dilemma head-on. To safeguard her independence and claim her inheritance, she decides she won’t really marry, but she simply needs to make it look like she is. Thus begins her quest to find the perfect man to portray her fiancé.

An Unusual Proposal

In her pursuit of the perfect actor for her play, she crosses paths with Maxfield Jeffrey Thornton. Maxfield, a man of irresistible charm and natural allure, had his trials with fortune. Once a businessman, he’s now struggling to shrug off the shackles of a failed venture that left him wallowing in serious debt.

Meet Maxfield

Maxfield is exactly the man Arabella needs – handsome, charming, and in desperate need of financial aid. His charisma and effortlessly appealing personality make him the ideal candidate to impersonate her fiancé. He carries a mysterious air that feels in sync with Arabella’s complex character.

The Binding Agreement

Arabella proposes a contract to Maxfield – to play her fiancé in return for a significant amount of money, more than enough to cover his debts. With little choice, a reluctant Maxfield is pulled into Arabella’s grand scheme. Thus, a contract that is about to change their lives forever is drawn and signed.

Arabella hiring Maxfield to impersonate her fiancé

4. The Proposal

Arabella, armed with her foolproof plan and a vigorously rehearsed Maxfield, decides it is time to introduce her supposed betrothed to her family. She orchestrates a grand evening, brewing a concoction of anticipation and curiosity among her kin.

Introducing the Fiancé

As the night unrolls, Arabella brings forth Maxfield. Introducing him as her fiancé, she weaves a convincing tale of their tale-tell engagement. The surprise does not come without its fair share of raised eyebrows, swiftly quelled by the sheer sincerity radiated by the duo. The graceful charade of a loving proposal, carefully choreographed by Arabella and executed to perfection by Maxfield, leaves the family in awe.

The Perfect Ruse Success

Maxfield, playing his part to perfection, sweeps the family off their feet with his charm and apparent affection for Arabella. The joyous news that their beloved, fiercely independent Arabella is about to settle down brings about a wave of elation in the family.

Family’s Blessing

Loved ones, thrilled by the unexpected development, shower the couple with blessings and good wishes. The event concludes on a high note, marking the success of Arabella’s plan. Despite the happiness that fills the room, underlying this joyous occasion, only Arabella and Maxfield understand the true reality of their agreement.

Arabella introducing Maxfield as her fiancé to her family

5. Blossom of Feelings

As the charade continues, the line between pretense and reality begins to blur. Arabella and Maxfield, bound by their deceptive pact, find themselves caught in an unexpected whirlwind of emotions sketched by the continuous mimicry of love.

Charade Unravels Real Feelings

The deception, initially a mere arrangement, starts to unfold deeper feelings between the two. A mutual respect, an understanding, and an undeniable spark light a slow flame of attraction. As they play their roles convincingly, emotional interaction soon overshadows the contractual obligation.

Maxfield’s Admiration

Maxfield, the easygoing man hidden behind locked debts, finds himself smitten by Arabella’s unapologetic spirit, her intelligence, and her winning wit. He sees a fierce lady who stands her ground, yet cares deeply for those around her. Her radiant smile and her electrifying presence begin to haunt his thoughts, making it difficult for him to distinguish between their contract and real life.

Arabella’s Adoration

Simultaneously, Arabella starts to feel a strong connection with Maxfield. His gentle nature, his perpetually caring attitude, and his ability to make light of difficult situations attract her. His resilience in the face of adversity and his self-deprecating humour strike a chord with her. Despite her best efforts, Arabella finds herself slowly and irrevocably falling for him.

Arabella and Maxfield growing closer and falling in love

6. Conflict of the Heart

As Arabella and Maxfield venture further into their emotional journey, what unfolds is a saga of internal conflict, hidden fears, and unsaid declarations. The whirlwind of feelings both astonish and frighten them, rocking the very basis of their fake engagement.

Arabella’s Struggles

Arabella finds herself torn between her desire for independence and her newfound feelings for Maxfield. Falling in love was never part of the plan, and accepting these emotions feels like a betrayal to her resolution. She grapples with the fear that revealing her love could complicate their arrangement and possibly scare Maxfield away.

Maxfield’s Inhibitions

Maxfield, on the other hand, wrestles with his inner demons. He is in love with a woman who is his polar opposite – bold, independent, and wealthy. His self-esteem battles with the idea of Arabella reciprocating his feelings. To him, the thought that this powerful woman could love a man who has nothing but debts seems far-fetched.

The Unspoken Love

Caught in a whirlpool of emotions, both Arabella and Maxfield stay silent about their feelings due to their personal fears. Despite being deeply in love, they maintain the façade of their contracted relationship, all the while yearning for each other. This unacknowledged love forms the crux of their forbidden, silent romance.

Arabella and Maxfield conflicted about their unspoken feelings for each other

7. The Truth Unfolded

Time starts to run out as Arabella’s grandfather’s condition deteriorates, bringing a sense of urgency to the surface. As they try to manage the play and real love simultaneously, the tension mounts and the vulnerability between Arabella and Maxfield becomes palpable.

Tick-Tock Anxiety

The worsening health of Arabella’s grandfather brings about a wave of solemnity, casting a gloomy shadow over their pretense. Their lie of a relationship grows increasingly difficult to uphold, and the facade begins to crack under the pressure. The fear of discovery and the consequent turmoil dominate their minds, testing their resolve.

A Candid Confession

At the cusp of losing it all, Arabella finally breaks her silence, risking her guarded heart and confesses her feelings to Maxfield. This heartfelt admission triggers an avalanche of emotions, leading Maxfield to confess his own love for Arabella. The moment is poignant, filled with relief, joy, and an overwhelming sense of love.

Love In The Lie

In the midst of deception, a powerful truth finds its voice. Their falsely contracted relationship takes a real twist as they acknowledge their love for each other. Their shared confession paints a bittersweet image – a painful relief. Despite their fears, Arabella and Maxfield’s love story takes a much more authentic turn.

Arabella and Maxfield confessing their true feelings for each other

8. The Real Wedding

With their feelings out in the open and accepted by each other, Arabella and Maxfield find an unexpected ending to their intricate plot. They decide to turn their scam into their reality, choosing honest love over deceptive inheritance.

A Surprise Decision

Arabella and Maxfield, now genuinely engaged, decide to marry in reality. The lie they had woven so intricately unravels, blooming into a beautiful truth. The startling revelation leaves Arabella and Maxfield both nervous and excited, marking the end of their charade and the start of their real love story.

The Revelation

The marriage comes as a shock to their families who were just warming up to the idea of their whirlwind courtship. The fact that Arabella, the fiercely independent and rebellious woman, is willingly walking down the aisle leaves her relatives and close ones in awe.

A Happy Acceptance

Their families, although surprised, happily accept the marital union between Arabella and Maxfield. The vibes of genuine affection and sincere love radiating from the couple skim away any lingering doubts. Arabella’s grandfather breathes a sigh of relief as he witnesses their transformation from pretend lovers to actual life partners, and the fortune rightfully goes to Arabella. Thus, the deception ends, etching the beginning of their true love story.

Arabella and Maxfield at their real wedding ceremony

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