DBS AU: Serenity Of An Angel For A Man Who Lost Everything

1. Prologue

A catastrophic incident rocks the omniverse, triggering the emergence of Ultimar, an indomitable malevolent being who manages to manipulate Goku and other allies to do his bidding.

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2. Summoning of Rayettne

Rayettne, the reborn Grand Priestess, sets out on a perilous journey to rescue Centaurious from eternal bondage to Ultimar. Fueled by a sense of duty and honor, she braves treacherous lands and faces unimaginable challenges along the way. As the fate of Centaurious hangs in the balance, Rayettne’s determination never wavers.

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3. Ultimar’s Reign

Ultimar and his minions wreak havoc and devastation across various fictional multiverses, carrying out their malicious plans to perfection. Their ruthlessness knows no bounds as they systematically target and eliminate Kansei’s allies, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

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4. Rayettne’s Mission

Rayettne finds herself facing a crucial task – she must reason with Centaurious, the powerful ally who has fallen under Ultimar’s mind control. Only by breaking free from this manipulation can Centaurious join the final battle to save the omniverse. The fate of all existence hangs in the balance, and Rayettne must act swiftly and decisively to ensure that Centaurious is able to fight alongside her in the impending showdown.

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5. Final Battle

As Rayettne, Centaurious, Goku, and their friends gathered together, the atmosphere crackled with tension. They knew that this was the final showdown with Ultimar, the ultimate evil threatening the omniverse. The fate of countless worlds hung in the balance, and failure was not an option.

Each hero drew upon their unique powers and strengths, ready to give everything they had to defeat Ultimar once and for all. Rayettne’s mastery of magic, Centaurious’ unparalleled strength, Goku’s unmatched fighting skills – together, they formed an unstoppable force.

The battle was fierce and intense, with the clash of powers sending shockwaves through the very fabric of reality. Ultimar fought with every ounce of dark energy at his disposal, determined to crush the heroes and impose his will on all existence.

But the heroes would not be defeated. Through sheer force of will and unwavering determination, they pushed back against Ultimar’s onslaught. With each strike, they inched closer to victory, to restoring balance and order to the omniverse.

And finally, with a final, decisive blow, Ultimar was vanquished. The heroes stood victorious, their bond stronger than ever, ready to face whatever challenges may come next in the endless cycle of battle and redemption.

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