Countryhuman: The Heartbreaking Truth

1. Waiting for England

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are eagerly waiting for England to return home. They are clueless about the heavy burden of pain that England carries. As they watch the horizon and yearn for England’s arrival, they are unaware of the emotional turmoil lying beneath the surface.

Scotland, with its rugged landscapes and rich history, looks forward to England’s presence to share stories and laughter. Wales, known for its breathtaking mountains and vibrant culture, anticipates England’s return to continue their traditions and strengthen their bond. Northern Ireland, with its picturesque countryside and resilient spirit, eagerly awaits England’s arrival to bask in each other’s company.

While these nations eagerly wait for England, they do not realize the struggles and hardships he faces. England, burdened by unseen pain and emotional turmoil, carries a heavy weight on his shoulders. The other countries, caught up in their anticipation and excitement, are oblivious to the internal battles England fights.

As the days pass by and England’s return draws nearer, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland remain blissfully unaware of the pain he carries. Their excitement and eagerness overshadow any signs of distress that England may be experiencing. Little do they know, England’s homecoming will bring not only joy and companionship but also a sense of relief and healing for the burdened soul.

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2. The Jokes

Upon England’s return home in tears, his dramatic nature sets the stage for some light-hearted teasing and jokes from the other nations. France quips about England’s penchant for theatrical displays, suggesting that perhaps he should consider pursuing a career in the arts. Germany joins in, joking that England’s tears are sure to cause a flood and create chaos in his perfectly organized home. Italy chimes in with a playful jab, suggesting that England’s tears could be bottled and sold as a new, trendy beauty product.

Despite the teasing, the group comes together to comfort England and assure him that everyone has bad days, even if they don’t always show it as dramatically. The jokes continue throughout the evening, with each nation taking turns poking fun at each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. By the end of the night, England is laughing along with the rest, grateful for the camaraderie and support of his friends.

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3. The Reality

Scotland’s amusement quickly fades to horror as England unveils the evident physical and emotional wounds he carries from his past battles.

England’s once proud demeanor crumbles as he recounts the hardships he has endured. His body is marked with scars – a testament to the countless clashes he has faced. But it is the pain etched in his eyes that truly reveals the depth of his suffering. Scotland stands in stunned silence, realizing the gravity of England’s struggles.

As England continues to share his story, his voice trembles with the weight of his past. The room falls quiet, the air heavy with the collective sorrow of those listening. Scotland’s heart aches for his companion, understanding the battles he has fought alone.

Through England’s vulnerability, Scotland begins to see him in a new light. No longer just a formidable opponent, he is a wounded soul in need of compassion and understanding. Scotland’s laughter has been replaced by empathy, as he reaches out to support his once fierce rival.

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