Countryhuman: The Envious Countryhuman

1. Waiting for England

As the night falls, anticipation is in the air in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The three nations eagerly await the return of England, their neighbor to the south. The streets are quiet, and the houses are dimly lit as the time ticks by. The distant sound of a car engine or the occasional rustle of leaves in the wind breaks the silence.

Scotland, known for its stunning landscapes and rich history, is shrouded in mist as the moon casts its gentle glow over the hills. In Wales, the iconic valleys and rugged coastline stand still under the starry sky, waiting for the familiar sound of England’s footsteps. Northern Ireland, with its lush green fields and dramatic cliffs, holds its breath in anticipation.

The nations have a unique bond, woven through years of shared history and cultural exchanges. Despite their differences, they are united in their excitement for England’s return. Whether it be a business trip or a weekend getaway, England’s presence is always welcomed with open arms.

And so, the night carries on, with Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland standing by, eager to welcome back their neighbor. As the hours pass, the quiet anticipation grows, and the distant sound of England’s arrival draws nearer. The three nations hold their breath, waiting for the familiar sight of England’s return home.

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2. Hickeys on England’s Neck

When England finally joined the group, his companions couldn’t help but notice the unmistakable marks on his neck. Hickeys, small bruises left by passionate kisses, adorned his skin, causing a mixture of surprise and amusement among the others.

Scotland, in particular, couldn’t hide the jealousy that sparked within them at the sight. Thoughts raced through their mind – who could have left those marks on England’s neck? Was it someone they knew? The idea that England might have shared intimate moments with another left Scotland feeling envious and desiring similar attention.

For England, the hickeys were a source of embarrassment and discomfort. He tried to brush off the teasing remarks and playful nudges from his companions, but the evidence on his neck was undeniable. Despite his attempts to downplay it, the hickeys became a topic of conversation and speculation among the group.

As the journey continued, the presence of the hickeys on England’s neck served as a reminder of the complexities of relationships and the emotions they can stir. It also highlighted the bonds and tensions that existed within the group, adding an unexpected twist to their adventures.

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3. Scotland’s Feelings

Scotland’s envy and longing stem from her deep-seated desire to be England’s significant other. This unrequited love creates a strained dynamic among the countryhumans, leading to heightened tensions and animosity between them. Scotland yearns for the attention and affection of England, hoping to form a closer and more intimate relationship with her neighbor.

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4. The Confession

After much hesitation, Scotland finally gathers the courage to express her true feelings to England. The moment of confessing brings a mix of emotions – fear of rejection and hope for a positive outcome.

As Scotland opens up about her feelings, England is taken aback at first, not expecting such honesty and vulnerability. The confession leads to a deep conversation between the two nations, where they discuss their shared history, struggles, and aspirations.

The confession marks a turning point in their relationship, shifting it from one of surface-level interactions to a more profound and meaningful connection. Both Scotland and England feel a sense of relief after being open and honest with each other.

With this new level of understanding and communication, Scotland and England’s dynamics change. They become more considerate of each other’s perspectives and work towards building a stronger bond based on mutual respect and trust.

The confession not only strengthens the bond between Scotland and England but also paves the way for a more authentic and harmonious relationship moving forward. Both nations realize the importance of honesty and vulnerability in fostering genuine connections.

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