1. England’s Arrival

Scotland sits at his desk, diligently writing a report for the upcoming meeting. The room is quiet, with only the scratching of his pen breaking the silence. Suddenly, the door creaks open, and Scotland looks up to see England standing in the doorway. Fear grips Scotland as he realizes the implications of England’s unexpected appearance.

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2. A Shocking Revelation

Scotland was taken aback when England suddenly leaned in and kissed him. Shock and confusion filled Scotland until he remembered the solemn vows exchanged between them during their marriage ceremony. The realization hit Scotland like a ton of bricks, making his heart race with a mix of emotions. He couldn’t believe that England was making such a bold move, but at the same time, he felt a sense of relief wash over him. The kiss was unexpected, but it served as a reminder of the bond that existed between them.

Scotland’s initial fear and uncertainty turned into a sense of security as he held onto the memory of their union. The kiss, although surprising, brought back memories of their love and commitment to each other. Scotland’s mind raced with thoughts of their past experiences and the journey they had been on together. The revelation of their marriage made Scotland feel grateful for the connection they shared.

As Scotland processed the shocking kiss, he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the love that still existed between him and England. The unexpected gesture served as a wake-up call for Scotland, reminding him of the depth of their relationship. Despite the initial shock, Scotland felt a sense of calm knowing that England’s actions were a reflection of the love they had for each other.

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