Confused Hearts

1. Childhood Bullying

During his younger years, Bakugo regularly engaged in bullying behavior towards Deku, primarily because of Deku’s lack of superpowers. Bakugo’s own powerful abilities made him feel superior, leading him to intimidate and belittle Deku whenever possible. This behavior often manifested in verbal taunts, physical aggression, and an overall sense of superiority.

As a result of this childhood bullying, Deku developed a deep-seated fear and sense of inferiority towards Bakugo. The constant barrage of insults and threats took a toll on Deku’s self-confidence and mental well-being, shaping his perception of himself and his worth in the world.

Despite the emotional turmoil caused by Bakugo’s actions, Deku continued to harbor a sense of respect and admiration for his childhood tormentor. This complex dynamic between the two characters lays the foundation for their future interactions and the development of their characters throughout the series.

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2. New Friendships

When Bakugo enters U.A. Academy at the age of 16, he quickly forms new friendships with his classmates. Among them are Denki, Mina, Sero, and Kirishima. These relationships play an important role in Bakugo’s growth and development as a hero-in-training.

Denki Kaminari, with his electrifying quirk, brings humor and light-heartedness to Bakugo’s circle of friends. Mina Ashido’s upbeat personality and acid-based powers add a vibrant energy to the group. Hanta Sero’s tape quirk and easy-going nature make him a reliable and supportive friend to Bakugo. Eijiro Kirishima’s unwavering loyalty and hardening quirk create a strong bond with Bakugo, as they share a passion for heroism and strength.

Through teamwork, training exercises, and facing challenges together, Bakugo and his new friends forge a tight-knit group that supports each other both in and out of the classroom. These friendships not only provide Bakugo with companionship but also teach him valuable lessons about cooperation, trust, and the true meaning of heroism.

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3. Growing Feelings

As Bakugo spends more time with Kirishima, he begins to realize that his feelings for his classmate go beyond mere admiration for his strength and resilience. There is a growing warmth and fondness in his heart that he struggles to understand. Bakugo finds himself thinking about Kirishima at unexpected moments, feeling a strange flutter in his chest whenever they interact.

This realization sparks confusion within Bakugo. He has always been focused on honing his skills and becoming the top hero, so these new feelings catch him off guard. Bakugo wonders if he is losing his edge by allowing his emotions to become a distraction. He wrestles with the conflicting thoughts in his mind, trying to make sense of this unexpected development.

Despite his confusion, Bakugo cannot deny the growing feelings he has for Kirishima. He finds himself drawn to Kirishima’s easy smile and unwavering support, appreciating the way his classmate always has his back. Bakugo starts to see Kirishima in a new light, noticing the small details about him that make his heart race.

As Bakugo navigates these newfound emotions, he grapples with what it means for his future as a hero. Can he balance these growing feelings with his ambitions, or will they prove to be a hindrance in his quest for greatness?

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4. Self-Discovery

Bakugo embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he grapples with the complexities of his emotions towards Kirishima. Despite his strong exterior, Bakugo begins to question the nature of his feelings and whether they can be defined as love. This introspective process challenges Bakugo to confront his own prejudices and preconceived notions about relationships.

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