Comforting Eustass Kid: A Story of Nightmares and Betrayal

1. Nightmares Haunt Kid

Eustass Kid finds himself tormented by a recurring series of nightmares that stem from his tumultuous past. These haunting visions have proven to be a source of great distress and anxiety for him, plaguing his mind and interrupting his peace of mind.

The nightmares that Kid experiences delve deep into his memories, dredging up painful and traumatic moments that have left a lasting impact on his psyche. The vivid and unsettling nature of these dreams has left Kid feeling unsettled and on edge, unable to escape the grip of his own subconscious mind.

Despite his best efforts to suppress these haunting visions, Kid finds himself overwhelmed by their intensity and the emotions they evoke within him. The weight of these nightmares lingers long after he wakes, casting a shadow over his days and affecting his mental well-being.

In his quest to break free from the grip of these nightmares, Kid grapples with the deep-seated emotions they bring to the surface. The struggles and challenges he faces in overcoming these haunting visions serve as a testament to the resilience and inner strength that he possesses, even in the face of such intense psychological turmoil.

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2. Revelation of Obsidian’s Identity

During a tense confrontation, Black Diamond finally discloses her true name to be Obsidian. This revelation unveils her hidden past and exposes her loyalty to the navy. The Gemstone pirates, who had once trusted her implicitly, are left stunned by this unexpected betrayal.

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3. Y/N Provides Comfort

Y/N tenderly approaches Eustass Kid as he navigates through his turbulent thoughts and emotions. The weight of his fears and the sting of betrayal from Black Diamond/Obsidian have left him vulnerable and in need of solace. Without hesitation, Y/N extends a comforting hand, offering a listening ear and a supportive presence.

With empathy and understanding, Y/N validates Kid’s feelings, assuring him that it’s okay to be afraid and hurt. Together, they unpack the layers of his distress, unearthing the root of his pain and addressing it with patience and care. Y/N’s unwavering support serves as a beacon of light in Kid’s dark hour, reminding him that he’s not alone in his struggles.

Through shared moments of vulnerability and shared tears, Y/N and Kid forge a deeper connection built on trust and mutual respect. Y/N’s presence becomes a source of comfort and strength for Kid, helping him find the courage to confront his demons and heal from the wounds of betrayal.

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