1. Money’s Misfortune

A clever money finds itself in the territory of a hungry lion and must come up with a plan to escape.

The Clever Money

The story begins with a clever money who unwittingly finds itself in the territory of a hungry lion. Despite the dangers lurking around, the money remains calm and devises a plan to outsmart the lion and make a daring escape.

The Hungry Lion

On the other hand, the lion, having not eaten for days, is eagerly waiting for its next meal. The scent of the money excites the lion, and it paces around its territory, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The Escape Plan

As the tension mounts, the clever money carefully observes the lion’s movements and surroundings. With quick thinking and resourcefulness, it comes up with a brilliant escape plan. Using its agility and wit, the money executes the plan flawlessly, leaving the lion bewildered and empty-handed.

A Narrow Escape

Just when it seems like the money is safe from the lion’s clutches, a new obstacle presents itself. The money must navigate through treacherous terrain and overcome unexpected challenges to make its way back to safety.


In the end, the clever money’s misfortune turns into a tale of bravery and cunning. It proves that wit and quick thinking can triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds, even in the face of a hungry lion.

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2. A Risky Bargain

In a desperate attempt to save its own life, the money struck a risky deal with the mighty lion. The money knew that it had to come up with something valuable to offer the lion in exchange for its life. After much contemplation, the money decided to offer a part of its vast wealth to the lion.

The negotiation between the money and the lion was tense, with both parties trying to get the better end of the deal. The lion was intrigued by the offer of wealth, but it also knew that it could overpower the money and take what it wanted without any deal. However, the money pleaded with the lion, stressing the importance of its contributions to the lion’s kingdom and how its wealth could benefit the lion in the long run.

After much deliberation, the lion finally agreed to the deal, albeit reluctantly. The money breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that it had narrowly escaped its impending doom. The lion, on the other hand, saw the potential benefits of the deal and decided to give the money a chance.

As the deal was sealed, the money vowed to uphold its end of the bargain and provide the lion with its share of wealth. Both parties left the negotiation table with a sense of caution, knowing that the deal they had struck was risky and uncertain.

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3. The Deceptive Deal

Within this section, the cunning money employs a clever strategy to deceive the lion. By using illusion and deception, the money manages to trick the lion into believing that there is more wealth hidden away than there actually is. This tactic buys the money more time and allows it to prolong its existence in the lion’s possession.

The money’s deceptive deal with the lion shows its shrewd nature and ability to manipulate situations to its advantage. By creating a false impression of hidden riches, the money is able to evade the lion’s desire for more wealth and maintain its current state.

Through this deceptive act, the money showcases its adaptability and quick thinking in the face of danger. It uses the lion’s greed and desire for wealth against it, ultimately outsmarting the powerful predator and ensuring its own survival.

In conclusion, the deceptive deal struck by the money with the lion is a testament to its ingenuity and cunning. It is a reminder that sometimes, intelligence and strategy can be the most powerful weapons in a challenging situation.

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4. The Great Escape

When faced with the imminent danger of the lion, the monkey used its intelligence and quick thinking to devise a plan of escape. It knew that it needed to outsmart the powerful predator in order to survive. With a swift movement, the monkey managed to outmaneuver the lion and finding a small opening, it made its way out of harm’s reach. The lion, frustrated and bewildered, could do nothing but watch as the clever monkey slipped away.

The monkey’s resourcefulness and cunning were truly remarkable, allowing it to escape unharmed from what seemed like a hopeless situation. Its ability to think on its feet and act decisively in the face of danger saved its life and proved once again the power of intelligence over brute strength.

The Great Escape serves as a testament to the importance of wit and quick reflexes, showing that even when faced with overwhelming odds, a clever mind can find a way out. In the end, the monkey emerged victorious, having outsmarted its formidable foe and lived to see another day.

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5. A Lesson Learned

Through a series of unfortunate events, the lion comes to realize the harsh consequences of his own greed. His insatiable desire for more and more ultimately leads to his downfall. The lion’s greed blinds him to the needs and well-being of others, causing him to make reckless decisions that ultimately result in his own demise. This lesson serves as a powerful reminder that greed can cloud one’s judgment and lead them down a dangerous path.

On the other hand, the monkey, who possesses only a small amount of money, learns the importance of resourcefulness and cunning. With limited resources at his disposal, the monkey must think outside the box and come up with clever solutions to overcome various challenges. By utilizing his intelligence and quick thinking, the monkey is able to outsmart those who may underestimate him due to his lack of wealth. This experience teaches the monkey that one’s success is not determined by the amount of money they have, but rather by their ability to adapt and think creatively in difficult situations.

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