Cleveland Jump Up, Super Star! Cover Mario

1. Mario Listens to Cleveland Jump Up Super Star

Mario finds himself listening to a parody cover of “Jump Up, Super Star!” on his favorite radio station. The catchy tune and playful lyrics make him smile as he goes about his day.

As the song comes to an end, Mario hears a familiar voice on the radio – it’s Cleveland, the host of the morning show. He introduces himself as the one behind the parody cover and invites listeners to meet him at a local gaming convention later that week.

Excited about the chance to meet Cleveland in person, Mario decides to attend the convention. When he arrives, he is pleasantly surprised to find that Cleveland is not only a talented musician but also a fellow Mario fan.

Throughout the day, Mario and Cleveland bond over their shared love for video games and music. They exchange stories about their favorite Mario games and even jam together on a few classic tunes.

By the end of the convention, Mario and Cleveland have become fast friends. They make plans to collaborate on a new parody cover together, much to the delight of their fans.

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2. Mario in Real Life

After stumbling upon a time-lapse video showcasing a photorealistic version of himself, Mario is left in a state of disbelief. His iconic red hat and blue overalls rendered in high definition on the screen before him, he can’t help but question the very fabric of his existence. As the video progresses, showcasing every intricacy of his character in stunning detail, Mario’s expressions fluctuate between awe and amusement.

With each passing frame, Mario finds himself both in awe of the level of detail and hilariously reacting to the uncanny portrayal of himself. From his meticulously crafted mustache to the shine of his gold coins, every aspect of Mario’s world has been brought to life with such precision that even he can’t help but marvel at the sight before him. The surreal nature of seeing himself in such a lifelike form leaves Mario questioning what it means to truly exist in a world that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

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3. Mario and Luigi’s Fandub

One day, Mario and Luigi decided to try their hand at creating a humorous fandub of a Japanese commercial they had come across. Armed with their enthusiasm and quick wit, the brothers set out to re-dub the commercial with their own twist. As they began to improvise lines and voices for the characters in the commercial, it became apparent that their styles and ideas were vastly different.

Mario, known for his bold and energetic personality, wanted to inject the dub with exaggerated accents and slapstick comedy. On the other hand, Luigi, the more introverted and thoughtful of the two, leaned towards a more subtle and nuanced approach, focusing on witty wordplay and clever puns.

This creative clash between the brothers led to some hilarious outcomes, with their voices and personalities shining through in the fandub. At times, they found themselves breaking character and bursting into laughter at each other’s improv. Despite their differences, Mario and Luigi’s collaboration resulted in a fandub that was both entertaining and endearing.

Through their disagreements and creative struggles, the brothers ultimately bonded over their shared love for comedy and voice acting. The experience of creating the fandub together strengthened their brotherly bond and left them eager to tackle their next project as a team.

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4. Smallant1 caught in 4k

Mario witnesses Smallant1 attempting to take funny pictures with his feet, which results in a comical scene. Smallant1, known for his quirky antics and unique approach to content creation, decides to push the boundaries of creativity by attempting to utilize his feet for capturing footage. Mario, who is present during this moment, observes Smallant1’s unconventional method with a mixture of confusion and amusement.

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5. Mario Kart Whirl

Experience the thrill of Mario Kart Whirl as Mario twirls around in his kart alongside other racers in a hilarious Mario Kart DS model scenario. The fast-paced action, colorful graphics, and exciting gameplay make Mario Kart Whirl a fan-favorite among players of all ages.

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6. Outer Wilds Announcement Trailer

Mario sat down eagerly to watch the latest trailer for Outer Wilds, expecting to see new and exciting content. However, as the trailer began, it was clear that this was not what he was hoping for. The video showcased stunning visuals and intriguing gameplay mechanics, but Mario’s attention was elsewhere.

As the trailer continued to play, Mario’s anticipation grew, waiting for the moment when a new Smash character would be revealed. But to his dismay, no such announcement was made. Frustrated by the lack of Smash news, Mario began booing the video, completely missing the main point of the Outer Wilds trailer.

Despite Mario’s disappointment, the Outer Wilds Announcement Trailer was a thrilling glimpse into an exciting new game. The captivating worlds, mysterious narrative, and innovative gameplay were all on display, but unfortunately, Mario was too fixated on the absence of Smash news to appreciate it.

As the trailer came to an end, Mario’s initial excitement had turned into resentment. He couldn’t help but feel let down by the missed opportunity for a Smash character reveal. However, as he reflected on the trailer, he realized that Outer Wilds offered a unique and compelling experience that he shouldn’t overlook just because it didn’t include his favorite fighting game characters.

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