Christmas Cross-Country Love

1. Stranded by a Snowstorm

Professional story writer Jenna Anderson is desperate to get back to her fiancé, David Thompson, for Christmas, but a major snowstorm grounds all flights. Feeling defeated, Jenna is approached by a generous stranger named Luke Matthews who offers to drive her across the country in his truck.

Christmas CrossCountry Love  Main characters Jenna and Luke

2. The Journey Begins

As Jenna and Luke hit the road, they quickly realize they have very different personalities. Jenna is organized and cautious, while Luke is spontaneous and adventurous. The tension between them is palpable, but as they share stories and laughs along the way, they start to develop a bond.

Christmas CrossCountry Love  Jenna and Luke hit the road

3. Unexpected Sparks

As they continue their journey, Jenna and Luke find themselves opening up to each other in ways they never expected. Their initial annoyance with each other turns into a deep connection, and sparks begin to fly. Jenna starts to question her feelings for David as she finds herself drawn to Luke.

Christmas CrossCountry Love  Jenna and Luke connect deeply

4. Christmas Eve Revelation

On Christmas Eve, Jenna and Luke reach their destination. Standing outside David’s house, Jenna realizes that her feelings for Luke have grown stronger than her love for David. In a moment of clarity, Jenna knows she must follow her heart, even if it means making a difficult decision.

Christmas CrossCountry Love  Jenna faces decision outside house

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