Catwoman’s Arkham Journey

1. Pre-Arkham Knight

In this part of the story, Catwoman decides to infiltrate Arkham Asylum, hoping to find some valuable information or loot. However, her plans take a turn for the worse when she is discovered by the devious Riddler. Known for his love of puzzles and traps, Riddler quickly captures Catwoman and holds her hostage within the asylum.

Realizing that he can use Catwoman as bait to lure Batman into his twisted games, Riddler taunts the Dark Knight, leaving a trail of clues for him to follow. Batman, always ready to protect Gotham City from its most dangerous criminals, picks up the trail and begins to search for Catwoman within the walls of Arkham Asylum.

As Catwoman waits anxiously for Batman to arrive and rescue her, she plots her own escape from Riddler’s clutches. Determined to turn the tables on her captor, Catwoman uses her agility and stealth to outsmart the Riddler’s guards and devise a plan to break free.

The tension rises as Catwoman and Batman both navigate the dangers of Arkham Asylum, each driven by their own motives. As their paths inevitably cross, the stage is set for a thrilling confrontation between heroes and villains.

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2. Arkham Knight

Riddler is up to his old tricks, this time trapping Catwoman with an explosive collar. Batman, always the hero, swoops in to rescue her just in the nick of time. He engages in a tense standoff with Riddler, who is adamant about proving his intellectual superiority. The stakes are high as Batman must outsmart the villain to save Catwoman and thwart Riddler’s plans.

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